dark oaks farm
01:55:09 ca
Honey Maple Ranch
01:48:54 Honey
Does the tack store still have snorkels?
Equestrians dreams
01:48:37 MJ
I don't know why but this is my favorite palette
Honey Maple Ranch
01:47:55 Honey
I still love the new roan so I will take it and lace for sure!
Angels angels
01:44:30 600+ Brindles
Bred a brindle and chimmy back to back
Vixen Creek
01:44:05 Vixie
lol puck i remember that video xD
Star Struck ISH
01:43:16 Star ⭐️
Geez Puck. I have never fallen off at a show, but I did bareback in a field once. I had my friend who had never ridden before on the horse with me and I had the reins. We where trotting and she started slipping off. She grabbed me as she was sliding off, and dragged me down with her.
Paradox Elites
01:42:39 Brie | Para
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:18 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:42:04 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My friend did that on a xc table. Horse stopped and she ended up sitting on it on her butt lol
01:41:34 puck
Brie that happened to me, I got bucked off immediately after a fence and I just jumped back on pig immediately and my trainer never realized I fell
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:41:15 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Puck, yes! I saw that it was amazing
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:40:55 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Last year my TB decided to be a bronco in warm up, we think it was because she bonded with a horse and it went behind a trailer.
Angels angels
01:40:44 600+ Brindles
I did that once but I was in a round pen and I fell on my hip on one of the panels broke my phone and bruised my hip bone
01:40:44 puck
There's a video that went viral a few years back of a horse stopping at a fence and the rider flew off and landed sitting on the standards 😂
Paradox Elites
01:40:43 Brie | Para
One time I was taking a lesson and fell, landed on my back/head, stood up afterward. My instructor wasn't even looking and was like "oh she landed on her feet" to my mom who watched the whole thing.

Hated that place.
Gold Ridge Eventing
01:39:42 K/Mini Boyd Martin
My aunt nearly did that once, except I think she landed in front of it, not on the other side.
Rainbow Equus
ngl that seems like the best part xD
01:37:32 desert
"are you a trick rider?" lmao
01:34:40 puck
I only fell off at a show once, my girth wasn't tightened and my saddle flipped under my pony in the warmup ring. Worst part is a dad saw it happen and was like "cool! Are you a trick rider?" No sir this is a hunter jumper show I'm just an idiot
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Lunar x Crow | Private June 9, 2021 07:45 PM

Lunar Eclipse
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This is a thread for Crow and I (Lunar) only. Unless you are one of us, please do not post. However, feel free to read along.
Lunar x Crow | Private June 10, 2021 09:25 AM

Lunar Eclipse
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Name: Adrienne “Ari” Moore
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Adrienne has the kind of appearance that tends to draw eyes, though she wishes she didn’t. She’s about average height (5’ 10”), has a light build with some muscle from lifting heavy objects, and is fairly confident in her stature. Her skin is a light tan with freckles dotted across her face and shoulders. She has some small scars, particularly on her hands from various accidents. She has fairly long copper hair that cascades down her back in slight waves. Her eyes are hazel, though they often appear to have a green tint to them.


Adrienne is a light-hearted and usually optimistic individual. She can usually navigate a conversation well and can be charming when she wants. She uses sarcasm as a way to show displeasure, and tends to try and lighten serious topics through humor. Once aggravated she has a harsh temper, usually spurred on by someone threatening those she cares for. Otherwise she is fairly tolerable of most irritations and won’t let it show when she is bothered.


Can handle a gun (not necessarily her strongest skill, but she’s good enough to usually not miss)
Strong enough to hit well
Fairly good at convincing people to do what she tells them
Can read people fairly easily

Weaknesses: (bit of a wip)

Temper; once angry, it's really hard to calm her down and it tends to be a problem, considering she becomes quite reckless
Can be clumsy, and thus definitely not the type to drag out into the wilderness

She absolutely hates big storms, particularly really big booms of thunder. Its a bit of a problem where she lives, as the storms are rarely ever small, especially not during the summer.

-She runs a shop in town, essentially a simple general store
-She has a child, Clint, who is about a year old. He's a result of a relationship that didn't quite work out.
-She has a friend in town, Lydia, who is usually the one who looks after the baby when she is running the shop or simply too busy.

(more to be added and elaborated as I develop about her character and the story progresses)

Edited at June 10, 2021 06:29 PM by Lunar Eclipse
Lunar x Crow | Private June 10, 2021 04:07 PM

Crow Corpses
Posts: 155
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(Just gonna make a completely new OC - neither Stefan or the previous one works all too well :P)

Name: Ryder Livingston
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: (listed for now - still writing him out)
-Stands at six foot evenly
-Fit build, a bit more on the 'skinner' side
-Black hair, curls out past his ears slightly
-Small shadow of facial hair
-Defined features, such as his nose, jawline, cheekbones, etc
-Thin-ish lips
-Tan complexion
-Brown eyes, rimmed with dark eyelashes
-Minimal scarring, blemishes, etc. Has some noticable freckles

Personality: (again, listed :P I don't wanna keep you waiting. I tend to write a lot with my CS)
-Sometimes selfish

-Reading people; comes in handy during his occupation as a bounty hunter.
-Decently trained in distanced combat and close-up combat
-His honesty and slight bluntness lets others know that he isn't lying.
-Has a decent reputation.

-His temper can get the best of him.
-Sarcastic comments might lead to others taking them offensively.
-People who hold those closest to him against him.

He fears ending up alone.

And spiders.

-Ryder is a profound bounty hunter with a good reputation.
-Has been framed by his brother for a murder he did not commit.
-Ryder's brother is the leader of a popular gang, in which nobody has brought down as they are rather powerful.
Lunar x Crow | Private June 11, 2021 07:34 AM

Lunar Eclipse
Posts: 1049
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(hopefully this is a working starting post)

Like most days, the town was busy and the shop was not. A few customers shuffled about while the owner reclined in a chair, watching them with careful eyes. She was an intriguing individual - a frequent source of rumors for the town. It wasn’t that she did anything awful, it was simply that she didn’t quite fit their ideas of a western lady. The most useless of the things they talked about was her copper hair, a trait she truthfully couldn’t do much about if she wanted to. Then there was the child. According to them it was quite a crime to have a child without being married. She didn’t care that they thought that. Though she did have to agree that it would be easier to have someone other than her neighbor caring for the kid whenever she had to run the shop.

Lydia didn’t ever complain though. She seemed to enjoy the task, as her children had long since disappeared into the wilderness and her husband was quite often off working. She said it made her feel younger. Not that Adrienne understood the sentiment, considering she felt very much the opposite. If anything it was a struggle to keep herself conscious throughout the long hours of keeping the shop open. Especially so on days where there wasn’t any breeze. Even with each of the shop’s windows propped open it was stifling hot. She’d had to tuck her horse under the back awning of the shop and frequently made certain that there was plenty of water. At this point she was tempted to simply shut down the shop and leave.

She knew the weather in the area well enough that if she waited a little longer, the temperatures would begin to cool as the sun grew closer to the horizon. All that left was the annoyance of waiting. The second that glowing orb touched the western horizon and the sky began to shift in color was the same moment she shut her door, hardly ever earlier or later. She never knew if a wave of travelers would pass through town, and thus it was easiest to keep the shop open til the time most sane people would be returning to their camps or their homes.

The hours passed quickly, and soon enough she was locking the door and riding out of town. The house was fairly simple, the only thing of use she got from her parents. Individuals she wasn’t the fondest of, and quite truthfully didn’t bother to think of them often. They’d left for the cities in the east, leaving her with enough to get a shop up and running. She was grateful, but it didn’t change her blatant dislike for them. Nonetheless the house fit her needs, with a small barn for the horse and a chicken coop for eggs. Simple, easy to maintain, and out of the way of the town’s traffic.

There was always a feeling of relief that flooded her when she rode up the hill leading to it and saw Lydia’s horse, always fearing the worst yet doubting anything would happen. She was quick to put the horse in the stable and fill its trough before heading into the house. Lydia sat at the dining table in the main room, flipping through the pages of some dime novel as usual.

Lydia lifted her head quickly, immediately lighting up with a smile. “You’ve returned! Clint was tired so I put him to bed. Though he may be awake now and playing with his toys.”

Adrienne returned the smile, casting a glimpse towards the stairs. “Well that saves me half the hassle. Thank you.”

“No need to thank me, but I shall be off. Need to get home before it's too dark. The coyotes are no fun this year.” Lydia shut the novel and got up, sharing an embrace with Adrienne before stepping out the door.

Adrienne made certain to lock the door after Lydia left, listening to the fading hoofbeats as she rode back towards town. She always felt somewhat guilty for making her ride out here, considering she lived in town and that's a fair distance away. She’d given up on fighting that fight a long time ago, as Lydia was likely the most stubborn person she knew. The clattering noises from up the stairs confirmed what Lydia had said about Clint playing with toys. She started to make her way up the creaky steps to say her greetings. As always he was more than happy to see her, blabbering away at his attempts at words. He was getting better at that, and quite quickly as well. Far faster than she’d ever imagined a child to learn, but she guessed that was how most people felt at first. Always expecting things to take longer than they did.

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