07:41:06 puck
It's sponsored by Landrover now, but it's been Rolex for so long that the association is still there
After Dark RID
07:40:45 Drafty
Rose, here's a good guide for you

-HEE Click-
Jellos Warmbloods
07:40:33 Giggles Wubs
I thought it was no longer called rolex?
07:40:01 puck
Col, Rolex is synonymous with eventing xD
07:38:50 puck
You have to actually take the photo, or use one that gives you permission, such as unsplash or certain deviantart accounts. Poke around in the art help forum :)
Circle Bar C
07:38:43 Rose
ill change it againnnnn
Columet Farms
07:38:27 The Coffee Purist
Them: Biden...Rolex. Me: Biden’s into eventing?
Circle Bar C
07:38:08 Rose
California Valley
07:38:03 Cali | Kale | Csli
I don't believe that is allowed on HEE Rose especially since its from another horse game
After Dark RID
07:37:34 Drafty
lol, anytime! just my personal experience in my young art life :)
07:37:33 puck
Yay Zippy!

Rose, photos from other games are not allowed.
Circle Bar C
07:36:55 Rose
well i took a sso photo got a photo i liked and put into tha form and added some tack
Netherworld Acres
07:36:54 Zippy
I was praying she'd be elite or WC bravery! Dappled grey splash white :D Only thing better would be blue eyes but I'm not gonna risk a reroll lol.
-HEE Click-
07:35:59 Tea || Snaink
Okay thank you Drafty, you're a metaphorical lifesaver ^-^
After Dark RID
07:35:42 Drafty
Nope, but largest it'll go is 669 (banner width), so larger won't show as being larger
07:35:32 puck
How did you make that, rose?
Jellos Warmbloods
07:35:24 Giggles Wubs
It can be any size but the box will resize it and kill quality.

I find 500-550width minimizes the loss of quality
Circle Bar C
07:35:21 Rose
-HEE Click- fixed and yes this is mine i made it
07:35:07 Tea || Snaink
Isn't there kind of a standard width though?
After Dark RID
07:34:53 Drafty
Tea, I like 669 as width and either larger or smaller # ending in 69 as height so that it cuts easily into a banner too :)
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