Sunstone Elite
08:01:37 Sun/Sunny
I'm late but that's adorable TWO x)
Wagner Eventing
07:54:39 Wagner
07:53:57 TWO / Wild
Thanks Hills :)
White Hills
07:53:18 WH or Hills
On the rock paper scissors game page
Wagner Eventing
07:52:59 Wagner
How do y’all give a ride or a meal?
White Hills
07:52:35 WH or Hills
That's super cute TWO
Obsidian Sport Horse
-HEE Click- here this should work
White Hills
07:50:10 WH or Hills
Broken link Obsidian
07:49:57 TWO / Wild
Christmas art:
Cedar's Eventers
07:49:35 Cedar
-HEE Click-
Do you guys like him also do you think his wk 4 training will be good
Obsidian Sport Horse
-HEE Click- Another gorgeous badger. The fifth or sixth one I've gotten this breeding season.
Proxy den
07:48:34 No Content Available
RIP chat
Proxy den
07:45:52 No Content Available
I didn’t realize today was my anniversary until I checked my game mail XD
-HEE Click- awwww this colt i just breed is so cute!
White Hills
07:42:20 WH or Hills
The exact name of the forum is Genetics Game Guide
Turquoise Ranch
I meant KM
Turquoise Ranch
Sorry about that hills
Hexada Equestrian
07:40:20 Hex
thanks Hills!
feather acres
07:39:58 KM/Aurora
We aren't allowed to use chat speech
White Hills
07:39:54 WH or Hills
If you post the horses you got in the game and your incorrect lines in the genetics help forum someone will help you :)
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