Gemstone Stable
10:20:11 Snow❆Gem


Wait, you have a pallete up? I don't see one...
KW Ranchida
10:18:55 Batman,Kyleigh
Thanks girl ^^
Apple Archers
10:18:37 Greenie
I love ur art girl
KW Ranchida
10:18:08 Batman,Kyleigh
Umm how does this palette look?
KW Ranchida
10:17:40 Batman,Kyleigh
so cute!
Gemstone Stable
10:17:15 Snow❆Gem
Awww! Lookie at these rabbits! *swoons*

KW Ranchida
10:14:32 Batman,Kyleigh
lmao ok thansk just wondering
Gemstone Stable
10:14:02 Snow❆Gem
Which match is best? EWW RID gal...

-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-

-HEE Click-
Goat Mama
10:13:46 Breezie / Goat
I did not. I believe Cali made me this one :)
I only do arts, I am not versed in the way of palettes lmao
-HEE Click- + Filly Straw
KW Ranchida
10:12:33 Batman,Kyleigh
breexie did you make that palette?
Gemstone Stable
10:12:15 Snow❆Gem

;D Awesome EWE filly at that! Best week 4 I've ever had!
Ivy Acres Estate
10:11:25 Lilly
How do horses win awards?
Goat Mama
10:10:59 Breezie / Goat
Wow sometimes I can’t fathom the stupidity of some of the forums I read through XD it’s like people don’t read XD
KW Ranchida
10:10:29 Batman,Kyleigh
Thoughts on Platte??
KW Ranchida
10:09:59 Batman,Kyleigh
Golden Planes Stable
He looks like he’d wear glasses and yell at you for running in the hallways
KW Ranchida
10:09:10 Batman,Kyleigh
-HEE Click-
this one's my favorite.
KW Ranchida
10:08:44 Batman,Kyleigh
Jen nice I have three...
Jurassic Ponies
10:08:20 Jen 🦖
-HEE Click- look at his color rarity!
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   CQEs FOTY 162 Voting Winners Announced January 30, 2023 03:20 PM

PK Rescue Stable
Posts: 449
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Winners of CQE FOTY 162 Contest!
We had a four way tie for first place, a random generator was used to determine first, second & third
Congratulations to:
First place: *Squeaky Russian Noises* of L.C123 Stables
Second place: Berlin Street Blood of Luckshan Breeding
Third place: EWW | Rockefeller of Bluebonnet Estates
Items and messages will be sent out shortly

Poll Question: Choose your favorite!
Total Votes: 19
BP Rhaenyra Targaryen : 15%
*Squeaky Russian Noises* : 316%
CHS Marie's Rock EWW : 15%
Splash of Cinnamon : 15%
Muffin Razed Alaska : 316%
Space Drone (WWE) : 15%
SE Things Got Stranger : 15%
Brave Little Toaster : 15%
Berlin Street Blood : 316%
Pearl Surf : 00%
Silver Snowfall : 15%
EWW | Rockefeller : 316%

You have cast your vote.
CQEs FOTY 162 Voting Winners Announced January 24, 2023 08:55 PM

PK Rescue Stable
Posts: 449
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Welcome to our “Favorite Foal of Year 162” Contest

(If this looks like good fun, and you would like to join the CQE Club please visit our club page to apply. It's easy and you'll have a great time! )

This years batch of foals is impressive! Thank you to all the stables that entered, there will be a gift for all after the voting is complete.

The fillies and colts have gone back to their stables. Now is the time for the rest of us to VOTE for our favorite!

We want you to judge the foals based on looks, it's strengths, whatever it is that tickles your fancy, you pick the one that's your favorite!

Voting ends 12 noon HEE time on January 30th

Prizes will be Awarded on January 31st (in case of a tie a random generator will be used)


1st 10,000 ebs, Sherpa Map, Golden ticket, Lens of Time, Silver Breeding token, random foal décor. Complete foal set: Halter, blanket, mane dye, tail dye, hoof paint all in your choice of color. Choice of Top Hat or Bow Tie or Pearls or Unicorn horn

2nd 7,500 ebs, Love Potion, Giveaway Ticket, Lens of Time, Silver Breeding token, random foal decor. Foal Halter & blanket in your choice of color, Choice of Top Hat or Pearls

3rd 5,000 ebs, Free Capture Pass, Lens of Time, Silver Breeding token, random foal decor. Matching foal blanket & halter, mane & tail dye

(Ebs to purchase all the tack donated by L.C123)

Good Luck to all the entries!!

BP Rhaenyra Targaryen is my favourite foal from year 162 because of her ratings!! WEW! And the fact she is a grullo roan and not blue roan is even better! Blue roan Warmbloods are everywhere 🥲 hopefully she trains well and produces many strong Targaryen's in the future. BP-Rhaenyra-Targaryen

*Squeaky Russian Noises* is my favourite foal from year 162 because she is a surprise brindle! Not only was she a surprise BUT her ratings are pretty decent (APP) and she is a 1/3 so I'm very happy with her! Squeaky-Russian-Noises
CHS Marie's Rock EWW is my favourite foal of 162 because she was a surprise and my first eww rated CHS-Marie-s-Rock-EWW
Splash of Cinnamon is my favorite foal from year 162 because he is an EEE tobiano warmblood, with no sabino and isn't black! He also has a hidden silver gene. I'm hoping he trains well and produces lots of pretty WB babies. The WBLB needs some color! tengh-Twist-of-Cinnamon
Muffin Razed Alaska: This little gal was quite the wonderful surprise! Both her father & grandfather are HEWG winners, and she is my first manchado. Her stats are not the best, but I can breed her up I hope! Muffin-Raised-Alaska
Space Drone (WWE) is my first WW ever bred on this account!
Her color might look plain, but her stats are not. I expect great things from this fine filly. Space-Drone
SE Things Got Stranger {WWW56} is my favorite not only is he a WWW he also is ToTo! I am hoping he more tobiano to the LBs. SE-Things-Got-Stranger-WWW56
Brave Little Toaster is my favorite foal because she's the cutest foal that I've bred this year, which isn't saying much D: Her parents are horses with high bravery ratings, and I'm hoping that bravery was passed along to her. Brave-Little-Toaster
Berlin Street Blood: She is my favourite foal of the year for many different reasons, her ratings(EWW), her colour(Golden Bay Sabino), and even her training(5/6 wk4). Berlin-Street-Blood
Pearl Surf is my favorite foal of year 162 because of his lovely colour and pretty markings. Pearl-Surf
Silver Snowfall: My favorite foal of year 162 is Silver Snowfall because although we don't have a lot of snow where I live we did have a sprinkling on the day she was born. Silver-Snowfall
EWW | Rockefeller: she is my favorite because this gorgeous girl is a beautiful color and rating filly with lots of potential. I feel there is something special about her when you look. EWW-Rockefeller

Edited at January 30, 2023 03:21 PM by PK Rescue Stable

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