Lilac Acres
06:16:11 Lilac, Lucidlilac
It worked! How did you get to there though? Sorry :(
Sun Rain Stables
06:14:19 Sun
-HEE Click- This may work, hopefully

to lilac
Sun Rain Stables
06:14:00 Sun
show summary in reports, lilac
-HEE Click- ooo I'm so excited for him
Lilac Acres
06:12:36 Lilac, Lucidlilac
Is there a way to look at how all your horses that showed in one day placed?
The midnight stand
06:06:55 Midnight
Someone go race I'm bored
06:06:55 Crowley|Anti-Tee(jk)
Insurance sucks in general
06:06:25 Crowley|Anti-Tee(jk)
Geez 😭
The Old Gods
06:04:37 Void Malign
lmao. gonna pre-game with my dicofenac and see if that makes a difference
06:02:59 puck
3rd one wrecked me too actually. sick for days.
MakeEm Fancy
06:02:38 Ally 💜
Welp we just lost internet so im out lol bye guys ^.^
The Old Gods
06:02:08 Void Malign
I was okay with the 1st and 4th. 2nd and 3rd kicked my ass
Bioshock Manor
06:01:11 Storm
Yuck. Good luck
The Old Gods
06:00:54 Void Malign
It's been about a 50/50 chance at this point.
Aurorae Sport Horses
06:00:03 Hawk eye <♡
Our insurance wouldn't let me get an ultrasound or mri for my knees or shoulder, so I got some inconclusive x-rays as well
Bioshock Manor
05:59:58 Storm
Why Eury? Does it make you sick?
05:59:58 puck
haha shot. literally.
The Old Gods
05:59:33 Void Malign
I'm getting my covid booster either tomorrow or friday which means my entire weekend is shot
MakeEm Fancy
05:59:23 Ally 💜
Me too! Especially since im high risk and they know that <.> @myth
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170| PLBA OST Best Foal September 18, 2023 10:00 PM

The Seven Sins
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**For members of the Pintaloosa Leaderboard Associationonly!
If you are a member and forgot to enter this year, don't forget next time! All you have to do is send me a link to your favorite appaloosa or patterned foal of the season before the poll is posted. 😉

OST Edition Tier 2 (Prize 250k-300k)

(P.S. If you click on stable name, it will bring you to the page of the foal ❤️)

Foal 1:
Foal 2:
Foal 3:

Foal 4:
Foal 5:
Foal 6:
Foal 7:
Bred by Bluebonnet Estates

This Poll is for Club: Pintaloosa Leaderboard Association

Poll Question: Vote for PLBA OST Tier
Total Votes: 18
Foal 1 : 317%
Foal 2 : 00%
Foal 3 : 16%
Foal 4 : 422%
Foal 5 : 16%
Foal 6 : 211%
Foal 7 : 739%

You have cast your vote.
Edited at September 18, 2023 10:20 PM by The Seven Sins
170| PLBA OST Best Foal September 30, 2023 08:15 PM

California Valley
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Congrats Blue, prize ebs will be sent out soon!

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