The Joker
09:07:02 Ari <3
Oh, nevermind
The Joker
09:06:40 Ari <3
But you let out your cat too?..
Hummingbird Meadows
09:06:32 Hummer
@Penta, I keep my cat on a leash. He tore it from my hand as he saw the cat before me. These cats have come into my yard and have hissed and swatted at me when I try to get them to leave. They have almost attacked my cat in my own yard before too.
Pentagram Stables
09:05:13 Penta - KNNs
wouldn't have happened at all, if you had kept your cat inside.
The Joker
08:57:59 Ari <3
Ooh I like that! And welcome back Otter :3
Little Otter Ranch
08:56:52 🦦
Totally didnt forget this game existed

Ha :’)
Royal Heart
The Joker
08:53:06 Ari <3
Name suggestions? 👀
-HEE Click-
Hummingbird Meadows
08:50:52 Hummer
Great, he got in a scuffle with the neighbors cat. Now I am angry. This wouldnt be a problem in the first place if neighbors would stop letting their cats out to roam the neighborhood.
Hummingbird Meadows
08:41:30 Hummer
And he just took after a neighbors cat. Off to hunt down my cat
Heartsong Hollow
08:31:35 Hummer
My cat has demanded to go outside even though it is 93 F out.
Faith Meadow
07:54:59  Spirit,pony
Anyone want to roleplay with me pm me thanks
The Old Gods
07:50:34 Void Malign
then again, 2/3 of the horses I've owned had/have health issues that caused "bad" behavior lol
Mango Grove Horses
Jibbles, I don’t know, maybe 5?
Glacier Bay Cove
Maybe there is, Void
Bioshock Manor
07:46:51 Storm
Right 😂
The Old Gods
07:46:14 Void Malign
Mm. I'd argue that he should see a vet to see if there's a health issue causing his behavior
Glacier Bay Cove
Darn, Nigel nailed me
Jibbles Ranch
07:44:41 Jibbles
Mango; how many are you after? I can sell you some
Narran Park
07:44:02 Sting
Clinton Anderson
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The immortal jellyfish never dies. Just starts life over
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Fun fact (the crazier, the better!):
This is more of a funny fact not crazy xD
Buzz Lightyear's original name was Lunar Larry.
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NASA uses countdowns for launches because of the Sci-Fi movie Frau im mond (1929)
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Sweden classified homosexuality as an Illness or Disease in 1979, people protested this adjustment by calling their jobs and saying they were too gay to work! (Pride Month may be over but the pride never stops!)
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In 1953 Coca Cola asked the US to create a 7.5 cent coin
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Australia is wider than the moon
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43869 - Digging a hole to China is possible if you start in Argentina
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lobsters taste with their feet instead of their mouthes lol
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A day on Venus (the time it takes for Venus to rotate once on its axis) is longer than a year on Venus (the time it takes for Venus to orbit the Sun)!
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An orange tabby cat named Stubbs was the mayor of Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska for 20 years!

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