Emmas Eventers
Very pretty Desert
12:32:54 Legion
I wanna do a catio, at some point
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:32:06 Purp/PPF
That's why I'm still exploring options. I've always kept them on leashes with supervision when outside.
I originally wanted to put a cable up for them, but I have quite a few trees and obstructions in my yard.
12:28:14 desert
Brindle lovers - eat your heart out lol: -HEE Click-
Silver Isle Eventing
12:27:31 Shard
PPF, no, but I would not trust it if you are trying to keep your cats close and safe.
Silver Isle Eventing
12:26:40 Shard
Getting myself some apple cider doughnuts tomorrow. =p
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:26:28 Purp/PPF
Has anyone ever tried the invisible fence type systems intended for cats.
12:25:51 Legion
You can teach a horse respect with most training methods lol. You don't need liberty for that
12:25:07 Moon/Misty/Foggy
It started pouring, my bowlegged ass ran to the car, slipped and smacked my face on the grass. We also got Very, good reviews tonight. According to whoever said so, the trail was killing it tonight.
Kiber Stable
12:23:48 Kibbles
*puts fuel in truck*
*almost dies when I pay the bill*
Silver Isle Eventing
12:12:04 Shard
What do you mean by avenger?
Aurorae Warmbloods
12:10:57 Hawk eye <♡
It's so weird, he moves towards any pressure, though he was an avenger and has been with the new place for years
Silver Isle Eventing
12:09:10 Shard
Ah, yeah, maybe work on that first. XD
Aurorae Warmbloods
12:08:28 Hawk eye <♡
He doesn't understand the concept of moving off the lunge whip, he moves into it
Silver Isle Eventing
12:07:38 Shard
We worked on yielding over and leading/stopping without using the lead rope or pressure.
Silver Isle Eventing
12:06:06 Shard
@Aurorae, you can start really small. My horse isn’t the brightest either, but we have done a small bit.
Aurorae Warmbloods
12:05:00 Hawk eye <♡
I would love to do liberty with my gelding but he is just about equivalent to a box of rocks
Montana Sky Stables
Liberty work is awesome,it teaches your horse to respect you,as long as you respect them.
Aurorae Warmbloods
11:56:57 Hawk eye <♡
I like medibang, but I have heard great things about procreate, if I could use it I would
Flying F Farms
11:44:22 Ren

From Game Guide:
Lethal White is implemented in this game. Two copies of White or Frame will result in a dead foal.
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I/SHA club July 2, 2019 07:40 AM

Spirtasi Whims
Posts: 2095
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I have only one new foal I think is good.
She is my first ever EEE chimera filly. She is also a D’Angelo daughter

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I/SHA club July 2, 2019 09:33 AM
Green Creek Stables
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My best filly not rated yet

I/SHA club July 2, 2019 09:39 AM

Lazy L
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I/SHA club July 2, 2019 03:26 PM

Hidden Forest Stable
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I've had a great start to July with these foals, I even managed to produce my first chimera!










I/SHA club July 3, 2019 02:15 AM

Aurora Vista Acres
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My best foal from this year.. an EEE dunalino girl!


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I/SHA club July 3, 2019 12:34 PM

Frosty Farms
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My favorite foal of last year!


I/SHA club July 4, 2019 08:25 PM

Elite Valley Stables
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I/SHA club August 1, 2019 06:53 PM
Posts: 522
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Post the mare you're most proud of this year! This mare is mine

Also, reminder that free stables can have an EEP combo mare for 3k if they message me which one they want from this barn https://horseeden.com/barn.php?id=253984 - only 9 left!

Edited at August 1, 2019 06:53 PM by Gemini
I/SHA club August 1, 2019 06:59 PM

Aurora Vista Acres
Posts: 86
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I’m most proud of this girl!! https://horseeden.com/horse.php?id=17073812

Edited at August 1, 2019 06:59 PM by Aurora Vista Acres
I/SHA club August 1, 2019 07:45 PM
Former Stable
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My new fave filly! Pushed her dam up quite a significant amount on the leaderboards, so heres hoping for another strong mare!! Can't wait to track her training :)

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