Freshpark Stables
Try some that aren't nut based.
Color Wonder Stables
12:46:16 Kass/Color 🌻
Eve, I really like the kind of explanations on the bottom of the Horse of the Year LB. I think that would be super helpful on all of them. :D
Freshpark Stables
No, but we can get our meat and others from local farms that do it themselves, instead of ones from factory farms that cause a ton of pollution.
Golden Meadows
12:46:04 Husky, GM, Ghost
Almond milk, coconut milk, and a bunch of other nut based milks lmao
Purple Pegasus Farm
12:45:51 Graceful
Like me, I'm literally allergic to potatoes. 🤷‍♀️
Jellos Warmbloods
12:45:34 Giggles Wubs
OOUU a new award. *-*
~Running Free~
12:45:28 Freedom
Yeah strawberries are super good. Wish they could be a little bigger, but at least theres a bunch of medium sized ones XD
12:45:17 NeEd MorE DaPPleS
The world can't all go sustainably meat free.Animal populations would dwindle,As well as natural habitats.Growing the food would require more land.More emissions from more food miles.Yes there needs to be balance but it has to be between both.As a farmer I kind of see this every day..
Waterside Ranch
12:45:13 Dosie Doe
Check it out please
-HEE Click-
Freshpark Stables
What ones have you tried so far Husky?
Freshpark Stables
Freedom, yeah! Also, homegrown strawberries always taste wayy sweeter :P
Golden Meadows
12:44:22 Husky, GM, Ghost
If it's not real milk I hate it, it all tastes like shit to me lmao
Elysium Opalus
12:44:13 elysium opalus
I was literally going to say there are some people that can't do some of these things due to their health. Gotta think real big to figure out this grey area.
~Running Free~
12:43:00 Freedom
I have wild blackberries and mulberry trees that grow and drop seeds and grow more. Its 100x better than going to the store and getting them.
The Lucky Horseshoe
where do we find the horse of the year
Freshpark Stables
@Husky Good thing there's more than 11 others :)
Which is chockerblock full of preservatives and additives and chemicals.
Python Ridge
12:42:20 Roe / Fish Eggs
That's.. That's not how that woirks. You can't just boycott an entire food lmao. Least we can do is minimize the amount we consume, if possible. There are people who can't go vegan due to their health and how their bodies work.
Golden Meadows
12:42:15 Husky, GM, Ghost
I despise almond milk
Oak valley
12:42:00 Olive Oil
I just had an idea, why don't we all just live on cress? XD

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A babbling creek borders the castle-esque stables, hedges line the perimeter along with dots of pear trees and exotic flowers.
The white stone structure boasts soaring dome ceilings and soaring arches, the walls are donned with antlers from hunts and artisan tapestries. Silver chandeliers float in the peak of the domes, and stained glass windows create colorful and playful light.
The horses have lush pastures and exquisite lives.
Welcome to Chambord.
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We may be small, but we know what we're doing.

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