Green Arrow Stable
07:19:35 May | Lemon | LD
(1/4 color)
Green Arrow Stable
07:19:15 May | Lemon | LD
-HEE Click- I love this mare. She show well and have a cool color.
moonshine stable
07:14:52 Dev
wrong chat sorry
Silverwood Farms
He's gorgeous, River Bend!

I'm biased for any Footloose foals just for their color xD

I have one of my own, but the poor thing got snipped ):
-HEE Click-
Greenheart Stables
07:13:29 Green/Moss
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
These are my favorite boys 😍
River Bend Stables
07:01:58 EWW Hoarder
-HEE Click- I love this Boy
06:54:45 Jacob
-HEE Click-
His mom is my first dun TB mare and hes my first DD Dun TB.
Skye's Paradise
06:54:20 Pickle
I clicked a wrong discipline yesterday. Worked out placing 3rd
Equine Angel Estates
06:44:40 Cool Beans :P
Definitely listen to Eury! He's a pro at showing and knows all the ins and out of it.
Green Arrow Stable
06:43:22 May | Lemon | LD
I'll try
06:43:21 Maggie
@Kidd, that's awesome!
06:41:54 Legion
No, you just need to pay more attention to when you're clicking what show type to enter.
Green Arrow Stable
06:32:18 May | Lemon | LD
Are you sureÉ I should maybe use the barn manager then so I won have to do it each time. EE
Hayzed Pastures
Pretty sure mine is Dont. You. Dare. 😂
06:29:07 Legion
Nope. It just means you misclicked.
Green Arrow Stable
06:28:35 May | Lemon | LD
-HEE Click- Does that happen to other playersÉ
Wings Of Glory
06:13:44 O Great Potato Wing
My accountant is named jungkooks coconut ass so I mean....yeah
06:10:47 Kidd/ Pop
Just a lil brag because I'm so proud of the progress we've made but- I took custody of my teenage brothers way back in March and we just had our first major holiday event together where everything felt normal. We picked out and carved pumpkins for Halloween, played a lil football, and ordered a pizza. It's been a really good night.
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