Moonland And Elites
04:28:18 M&E, Moo, Loony
Monday for me
04:27:45 Ace
sorry. just saying. If your reloading the page just use the refresh at the bottom of the chat. :)
Tobiano Lady
04:27:22 Tobi | Tofu 👀
-HEE Click-
River Bend Stables
04:26:47 River
My iPad reloaded the page
I can't do anything about that
04:26:25 Legion
Ripley is so spoiled. She won't eat her chicken unless I'm standing /right there/
Sunstone Elite
04:26:14 Sun/Sunny
I knowww my fingers are crossed and my heart is hammering 😂
04:26:02 Ace
You already said that River
River Bend Stables
04:25:44 River
The Packers are back in the game
Manson Stables
04:24:13 MS
Ah RO is on Monday for me
River Bend Stables
04:24:06 River
The Packers are back in the game
04:21:25 Fenn
Oh shit I was looking at a 2020 calendar xD
Moonland And Elites
04:21:23 M&E, Moo, Loony
how many days/hours till RO?
Moonland And Elites
04:21:05 M&E, Moo, Loony
i have no idea what day it will be for me lol
Eclipse Eventing
04:20:57 𝓒❦ |
RO isn’t on Saturday...
04:19:58 Ace
oop. Just checked. It's on a Sunday for me.
Holly Hill Farm
04:19:25 Mon / Montova
Yeah RO is on Monday for me
04:19:23 Fenn
Wait... How Ally?
MakeEm Fancy
04:19:00 Ally 🌺
RO is on a monday for me
04:18:24 Ace
OMG! RO is one Saturday! Totally just realized😂
seems like just a week ago it was RO for January! Wow!
MakeEm Fancy
04:17:59 Ally 🌺
I try to match at the beginning of the month so if i need to make any changes i have time :)
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