Brookfield Stables
06:51:34 Person / Brook
Got to go for a little... Bye!!
Wolf Dancer
06:50:47 Wolf Burger She/Her
Brookfield Stables
06:50:22 Person / Brook

Knights Of Avalon
06:45:50 Khamma WB
-HEE Click-
Opinions on this match?
Wolf Dancer
06:45:44 Wolf Burger She/Her
Brook lol I just am saving for gifts over here lol, I already have 2 gifts down lol
06:45:09 Crazy Color Hoarder
Yes but you would lose the dark dappling
Could I get golden if I rerolled even tho she has silver too?
-HEE Click-
Shamrock Equines
06:43:44 Hadithi
Wrong chat
Skylit Manor
06:43:42 Sky // Skylit // SM
Wrong chat, Phantom.
phantom achers
i have this beautiful dapple-grey mare for sale -HEE Click-
Brookfield Stables
06:40:42 Person / Brook

Oh, well hope you have a good month of December xD I'm great thanks! <3
Wolf Dancer
06:40:01 Wolf Burger She/Her
I'm ok Brook, bummed about not having any matches, but lets not focus on me lol how are you?
Wolf Dancer
06:40:01 Wolf Burger She/Her
I'm ok Brook, bummed about not having any matches, but lets not focus on me lol how are you?
Stone Haven Farm
06:39:55 Court
<3 so pretty :o
Shamrock Equines
06:39:36 Hadithi
And ignore me I am sleep deprived pft 😂
Wendigo Pine Ranch
06:39:15 Dragon Lady
-HEE Click- another pretty
Brookfield Stables
06:38:59 Person / Brook

What quiz?
Shamrock Equines
06:37:25 Hadithi
Yet I can't pass the quiz...
Brookfield Stables
06:36:58 Person / Brook

How are you?
Brookfield Stables
06:36:48 Person / Brook

You know me too well... xD
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