Spirit Guardian
04:06:24 Spirit
Not to Good Heh I'm Glad your doing Ok!
Thanks Grape!
Reese Farm
04:04:42 Reese| Ella
I'm good. How about you?
Ocean View Grapes
04:04:40 Ocean- The Grape
Congrats, Sassy!
Spirit Guardian
04:04:20 Spirit
Hey Chat, How's every one?
04:03:29 Bucket
Oh my goodness HEE keeps crashing on me haha
Thanks Ella!
Reese Farm
04:02:34 Reese| Ella
Congratulations Sassy!
Thank you! <3
Timber Canyon
04:02:30 Timbie
Congrats, I love black horses
Looking Glass Stable
04:02:14 ♡B
Congrats Sassy! ♡
-HEE Click-
First home bred WC!
Burn N Turn
Thank you guys now I just have to come up with names for the baby
Reese Farm
04:00:18 Reese| Ella
So cute Burn!
Timber Canyon
04:00:11 Timbie
Have to see the eyes I guess. Really cute
Burn N Turn
Yah that what I was thinking to or I was thinking possibly a champagne baby but I couldn’t fully tell from the picture and angle.
Reese Farm
03:58:09 Reese| Ella
Looks great Hayzed!
Timber Canyon
03:57:24 Timbie
Looks like a palomino baby. Very cute
Burn N Turn
Savannah haha right my boyfriend was like so we get them both and I’m excitedly like yah.
Timber I know I thought the same thing too
Timber Canyon
03:54:37 Timbie
I want to brush that horses stomach so bad lol.
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