-HEE Click- all horses in this barn a for sale with good ratings
Rolling Oaks Ranch
11:54:23 Rolli
-HEE Click-

A bunch of horses for sale! Includes W SD, W Bravery, Apricots, Tobi/Dun AA/TB, etc. There are some breed LB horses in there for cheap prices! Open to offers. Just overwhelmed with too many horses and want them to get good use.

Also have some items in my shop for discounted rates.
Stone Creek Ranch
11:52:16 Abrial | Creek
I suppose no one cares for these beautiful PPP+ babes going to FR.. but if you do, get your bids in! all starting at 700ebs, even the EEEs :)
-HEE Click-
Fairy Godmother
11:50:19 Farrah GoodFairy
SPS near leopard with sooty
(Really pretty)
-HEE Click-
Elektra's elites
11:49:13 Elektra
-HEE Click- price help also looking for a home
Eagles Peak
11:17:09 Alexxskii
WWW/WWE/WEE/EEE SH Mares still up for breeding! : -HEE Click-
Rose Crimson Stables
11:10:59 Angels
Horses for sale, going up for auction soon
A&K Stables
11:02:41 A&K
World Class Sales
-Ladys Desire EWW Mahogany Bay Roan Blanket Appaloosa Colt

-EEE Mare, no time from her, cheap

-WC Jumping and CC Mares, trained and leveled to show, all of breeding age

-FR fodder -1k
-HEE Click-
The Fallen Rulers
11:00:45 Storm|Straw Hoarder
any upcoming sd cross county rid breeders? i have some extra stock to give.
Silent Hill Equines
10:36:40 Tee
ISO a WWW WB mare to buy! Not black or blue roan and preferably 2-10 years. Will be a breeding partner for my WWW WBLB stud, so tracked training is also a must.
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We have Raid to squash those bugs.
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