Tamarack Mountain
08:48:23 Opal
looks like you have WB and TB in your barns, if you breed a TB mare to a WB stallion you will get a WB. A WB mare to a TB stallion will make a SH
Santana Rising
If the mare is a TB and the stallion WB you'll get a WB. If the mare is WB and stallion TB you get a Sport Horse
Lions Bridge Stables
i was going to cross breed a Warm Blood and a TB what could happen with that cross
Lions Bridge Stables
sorry not sure why it sent twice
Lions Bridge Stables
what happens when you cross breed horses? on here
Fables Knabstrupps
08:45:38 Fable
*looks fpr the link but cant find it*
Santana Rising
Depends on what breed you are planning to cross. You might get a different breed altogether
Tamarack Mountain
08:43:56 Opal
you may end up with a different breed depending on the combo
Lions Bridge Stables
what happens when you cross breed horses? on here
Snow Stable
08:38:49 Snow Gem

I'm OK. I have like 250k if they all flop. lol And that's good. And I try to out-bred whenever I can.
Snow Stable
08:36:24 Snow Gem

Hm, keep up the Ws and aim for S in dressage. ;)
Snow Stable
08:34:01 Snow Gem

Well, an ape is better then an ass! lol
Tamarack Mountain
08:33:34 Opal
I have been trying to use other player dragons for breeding to boost game interest
Tamarack Mountain
08:32:26 Opal
oh gee I am scared for you
Snow Stable
08:32:18 Snow Gem

Oh my! I should try doing more on DT. Its starting to rot as of the summer. I bred 22 eggs yesterday though. My fingers are crossed.
Whispering Oak Equin
08:29:04 Maggs
-HEE Click-

God I hope I didn’t waste money on her
Lunar Rose Meadows
08:26:43 Rosé
That is a very pretty TB!
Tamarack Mountain
08:24:31 Opal
wow I bred one of those pretty TB -HEE Click-
Tamarack Mountain
08:19:47 Opal
with the exception of 3 dragons I own the entire ABLB male lol
Snow Stable
08:19:03 Snow Gem

OK. I'm Gemstone Clan on there, if you're like to take a look. ;) And OK. The young waters look very cute. :)
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 Year: 146   Season: Winter   $: 0 Sun 08:48am CDT  
 Forecast: Sunny

Horse Page

Albion Treasure
EEW Irish Sport Horse Mare

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Albion Treasure

Color: Black
Horse Nbr: 26791068
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: July 2, 2021
Age: 3
Birth Year: 144
Height: 16.3 Hands

Home: Mordor
Barn: Extra Barn

Breeder: Mordor
Brand: None
Sire: σя Albion WWW
Dam: Tombstone Treasure
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History


Ridden by: Nicole 1 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 13

Eventing Level: 2 Not Ready
Dressage Level: 2 Introductory
Cross Country Level: 2 Walk Trot
Jumping Level: 2 Walk Trot
Show Experience: 14

Training Gauge


Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Elite
Cross Country: Elite
Show Jumping: World Class

Color Rarity: 1 of 53040


Wk 7: 223222

Wk 8: 233332

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