Van Der Linde Stable
11:39:33 Seven / Dutch
I await my private pit in Hell
Kiber Stable
11:38:49 Kibbles
Them: "We don't want this one."
Satan: "Oooo!"
Van Der Linde Stable
11:38:07 Seven / Dutch
The minute I was born, the all maker said:

"Give this one as many issues as possible"
Hallucination Manor
11:37:52 Gym / HM
Ditto on what Kibs said
Kiber Stable
11:37:10 Kibbles
Fairly sure I was forsaken by all God's a long time ago 🤣

Them: "Nah, we can't save this one."
Van Der Linde Stable
11:36:06 Seven / Dutch

[Insert religion here] bless you
Hallucination Manor
11:34:24 Gym / HM
I poofed for a couple minutes but is it bad that I want to see the raccoon chat screenshots?
Kiber Stable
11:34:05 Kibbles
It's definitely interesting...and probably explains a lot
Van Der Linde Stable
11:30:21 Seven / Dutch

I give you a lot of credit. I know a lot of people who wouldn't do what you do
Spirtasi Whims
11:30:01 Tasi / Chat Killer
Oou. That must be real interesting sometimes
Kiber Stable
11:29:25 Kibbles
So I work in blood all day and shit on evenings and weekends! ✌
Kiber Stable
11:28:10 Kibbles
I work in a slaughterhouse and I work on a cattle stud.

So like.
Fucked up humour everywhere
Van Der Linde Stable
11:28:01 Seven / Dutch
We all are a bit messed up I think if we are talking about raccoons like that
Spirtasi Whims
11:27:18 Tasi / Chat Killer
Oh it must be wild over there then Kibbles, what exactly is it that you do though?
Kiber Stable
11:26:58 Kibbles
I mean, I would.
But we all know I'm a bit messed up to start with
Spirtasi Whims
11:26:28 Tasi / Chat Killer
I really want to post the screenshots I have of it, but I sincerely believe no one will truly find it as hilarious and disturbing as the ones in chat that night
Kiber Stable
11:23:09 Kibbles
Also, for reference, both my jobs are heavily male dominated and I work with some interesting people
Van Der Linde Stable
11:22:51 Seven / Dutch
Gladly. It's a.... concerning chat record
Spirtasi Whims
11:22:44 Tasi / Chat Killer
It's better to be unaware and happy than to have seen the shit both of us saw that night..
Please keep me unaware lol
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IFR freyas ancient gold
PEE Knabstrupper Mare

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IFR freyas ancient gold

Color: Amber Champagne Roan Varnish Snowcap Appaloosa
Horse Nbr: 27221995
Breed: Knabstrupper
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: August 7, 2021
Age: 6
Birth Year: 145
Height: 17 Hands

Home: M&M stables
Barn: mares

Breeder: M&M stables
Brand: None
Sire: ₴ Beaujolais
Dam: IFR Golden Miner EEP
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

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Ridden by: Linda 33 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 25

Eventing Level: 3 Beginner Novice
Dressage Level: 3 Training
Cross Country Level: 3 Novice
Jumping Level: 3 Cross Rails
Show Experience: 0

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Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Premium
Cross Country: Elite
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 2

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