Shamrock Equines
06:37:25 Hadithi
Yet I can't pass the quiz...
Brookfield Stables
06:36:58 Person / Brook

How are you?
Brookfield Stables
06:36:48 Person / Brook

You know me too well... xD
Brookfield Stables
06:36:34 Person / Brook

Shamrock Equines
06:36:08 Hadithi
I KNEW you were going to say that haha
Wolf Dancer
06:36:05 Wolf Burger She/Her
Hey Brook!
Stone Haven Farm
06:35:45 Court
One of my splash whites -HEE Click-
Lambda Estates
06:35:29 Eps
Insert excited squealing noises here. +sven :D
-HEE Click-
Brookfield Stables
06:35:21 Person / Brook
Hey Myth! I'm back... lol
Brookfield Stables
06:35:05 Person / Brook
Hi Wolf!
Wolf Dancer
06:34:55 Wolf Burger She/Her
Shamrock Equines
06:34:15 Hadithi
Oh lol
Wendigo Pine Ranch
06:34:03 Dragon Lady
-HEE Click- one.of my favorite splashes
Wolf Dancer
06:33:25 Wolf Burger She/Her
Wait nevermind I just realized I don't have the mare :( I don't have any matches actually lol
Wolf Dancer
06:32:31 Wolf Burger She/Her
Here is the match <3 Just need to get a D Med <3
-HEE Click-
Shamrock Equines
06:31:12 Hadithi
The matches are pending on week 7s for Meredith lol
Wolf Dancer
06:30:10 Wolf Burger She/Her
<3 Yea I'm excited <3 I hope Meredith does well!
Shamrock Equines
06:29:27 Hadithi
Oh exciting!

I hope I can get a WWW foal out of Meredith lol
06:28:03 Crazy Color Hoarder
Nother cute girl
-HEE Click-
Wolf Dancer
06:27:36 Wolf Burger She/Her
Depends on a brood auction but I have a ABLB Mare that I will hopefully be using <3
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 Year: 161   Season: Spring   $: 0 Tue 06:38pm CST  
 Forecast: Spring Showers

Horse Page

AD Melted Winter
EEE Registered Irish Draught Mare

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AD Melted Winter

Color: Chestnut
Horse Nbr: 27397659
Breed: Registered Irish Draught
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: September 1, 2021
Age: 16
Birth Year: 146
Height: 16.3 Hands

 Gemstone Stable
Barn: ~ Wonderful RIDs ~

 Arctic Dusk
Brand: None
Sire: AD Hieno +2
Dam: AD Vofa PEE
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Sub-Par (0%)

Sales HistoryGenetic Test

Ridden by: Level 3 Rider Male 1 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 67

Eventing Level: 8 Advanced
Dressage Level: 8 Grand Prix
Cross Country Level: 9 International
Jumping Level: 9 International
Show Experience: 144

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Elite
Cross Country: Elite
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 25281


Big thank to ArcticLights!

Week 4 = 212121
Week 5 = All 2s
Week 6 = same
Week 7 = same
Week 8 = 323232
Week 9 = 323333
Week 10 = All 3s
Week 11 = 433343
Week 12 = 434344
Week 13 = same
Week 14 = 434354
Week 15 = 545454
Week 16 = 545455
Week 17 = same
Week 18 = missed
Week 19 = 656565
Week 20 = same

Weakest in Int (D), Scp (J), and Str (D & XC).

Akatosh or Xanthus.

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