Flaremingo Stables
05:37:17 Fay
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Adopt for sale! 30k
Boulder Creek
The Pretty Pony Pageant August Show has been Announced!
Accepting Entries until the 28th!

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Fun New Classes!
Win Great Prizes!
Fairytale Paints
03:54:44 Color Addict
Skull Horse
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Elysium Opalus
03:29:21 Begone Thoughts
#1 World Class brave KNN up for stud:
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CHEAP art shop. Uniqie stylized art. Will draw headshots of your OCs, horses, and pets:
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Equestrian centre
Flaxen red dun warmblood stallion 3.5k
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Shadowscape Eventing
03:01:11 Luna
158 freshman straw forum
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Sterling Valley
02:16:36 Phoenix
WEE SH Stud!
x15 EEE Producer
2500k stud fee
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Dark Shadows Estate
02:14:44 Bazz
Any help on sales prices? -HEE Click-
The Lazy Ninja
01:48:26 Jessie
Chimmy seal brown TB 9k
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Angel Graves
-HEE Click- Silver Golden Buckskin Tobiano Splash White Rabicano Frame SH 300
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 Year: 157   Season: Fall   $: 0 Tue 05:55am CDT  
 Forecast: Nighttime Thunderstorms with Hail

Horse Page

ABTak X ABLov 153
PPP Sport Horse Gelding

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ABTak X ABLov 153

Color: Silver Black Sabino Blanket Appaloosa
Horse Nbr: 30057220
Breed: Sport Horse
Sex: Gelding
Birthdate: April 10, 2022
Age: 5
Birth Year: 153
Height: 16.2 Hands

 Abhumanas Dream
Barn: Geldings 1

 Abhumanas Dream
Brand: ζ Åß
Sire: ζAB Takoda
Dam: ζAB Loving Holly
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History

Ridden by: Ben 41 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 14

Eventing Level: 2 Not Ready
Dressage Level: 2 Introductory
Cross Country Level: 2 Walk Trot
Jumping Level: 2 Walk Trot
Show Experience: 0

Training Gauge


Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Premium
Cross Country: Premium
Show Jumping: Premium

Color Rarity: 1 of 83

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