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  • This is a virtual horse game. All stables, horses, riders, shows, events, etc are purely fictional.

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  • You MUST be 16 years old or older to join this game. If you are NOT at least 16 years old then you cannot play. Please come back when you reach 16.

  • Inactive accounts are deleted automatically after a period of inactivity. Free accounts will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity. Upgraded accounts will be deleted after 365 days of inactivity.

  • As teenagers play this game, we require that all user entered content be PG-13. No sexual references. No vulgarity. No references to illegal acts.

  • You may have up to three (3) free accounts per household. If we find that you have more than three free accounts, the extra accounts will be deleted and no refunds given for any purchased extras.

  • You may have as many upgraded accounts as you like.

  • Sharing of accounts is not permitted. Do not let anyone access your account for any reason.

  • You are responsible for your account and everything that happens on your account. It does not matter if your sister/brother/friend/etc accessed your account and sold things or broke the rules. This will still count against your account and rules will be enforced up to and including banning. It does not matter if they accessed your account without consent. You accept responsibility for keeping your log on credentials safe.

  • Trolling in the forum or via game mail is not permitted. Neither is harassing, antagonizing, or pestering other members or game adminstrators or moderators.

  • Cheating is not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, transferring horses to upgraded accounts for the purpose of sending them to breed approval, transfering game money between your accounts, or exploiting bugs for monetary advantage. See the Help section for more information on cheating.

  • Do not share personnally identifiable information with other game members. In other words, don't share your phone number, credit card number, home address, social security number, etc with other members. Maintain your privacy.

  • Third party scripts may not be used on our site.

  • Members may not share other members personnally identifiable information on this site.

  • We may change game play at any time, including all aspects of the game, at our discretion. This may or may not affect things like game money received during game play, leaderboards, new features, changing of existing features of the game.

  • Game fees may change at any time without notice. There are no refunds for membership fees or purchased extas.

  • This game is considered a service and not a product.

  • If a member violates the terms of use, or if we feel it necessary, in order to prevent harm to HorseEden.com or it's members, the game administrators have the right to delete the members account and block them from the site, with no refunds given for purchased upgrades or extras.

  • If the site becomes overloaded, member access may be restricted. Additionally, the site may be unavailable during maintenance periods.

  • Members are not permitted to post on any game communication channels (forum/shoutbox/chat/messaging) that they are planning to commit suicide or to seek advice because they are suicidal. Please contact your local suicide hotline and medical professionals.

  • HorseEden.com (Go Go Gatsby Designs, LLC) is not liable for the actions of it's members. Members take responsibility for their own actions.

  • HorseEden.com respects the intellectual property of others, and requires that our members do the same. Do not store/post any links to copyrighted material not owned by you or which you do not have written permission to use. This is considered stealing, and we reserve the right to delete any accounts stealing copyrighted material. Additonally we require that no hotlinked material are posted/stored on our website. If you post/store copyrighted materials and a lawsuit ensues, you will be prosecuted.

  • The selling or trading of accounts for real life money, game currency, or other game accounts or currency is strictly prohibited. Accounts may not be given away.

  • Members may not advertise other games, websites, products or services. This includes referral links to other sites.

  • The Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice to members, so it is your responsibility to review the Terms Of Use and Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

  • By using this website you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use. If you don't agree, or don't understand the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, then please leave this website immediately.

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