The Old Gods
09:15:06 Void Malign
lexapro sucked
Hummingbird Meadows
09:14:56 Hummer
I am also on anxiety meds, but I feel pretty good about the one I am on.
09:14:33 Ani | Ant 🌚
looking for roleplay partners. pm me
Stormsong Manor
09:14:25 Ven
My doctor tried to switch me from sertraline to lexapro years and years ago and I had rage issues
Hummingbird Meadows
09:13:50 Hummer
I am just scared to get off seroquel because I don't want to go days without sleep while trying other meds.
Wraithcry Farm
09:13:39 Trigger 🐾
I take 20 MG LuxiPro
100 MG Trazodone for my mental health issues.
The two drs I have seen for if. One thought I was sleepy and that is why I was anxious. Also told me not to expect panic attacks and I would not have them.
The other one told me it was because I am a little more emotional than my husband, and that is why I am anxious and put me on the LuxiPro
Like dude, I am freaking out unable to breath O2 dropping heart rate increasing to alarming levels panicking. But I am just tired and a girl mmkay.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:12:22 Hummer
Ven, huh. I have bad dreams every night.
Stormsong Manor
09:11:43 Ven
If you're of age or can access it medically, I highly recommend cannabis at night. Seroquel gets me to sleep but cannabis keeps me asleep and stops my nightmares/night terrors and I haven't had a sleep paralysis episode in years
Hummingbird Meadows
09:11:39 Hummer
I really need a good nights sleep to function and going though. I went 32 hours without sleep once because I didn't have my meds.
The Old Gods
09:10:49 Void Malign
I'm lucky that the combo of two of my meds pretty much makes me conk out an hour after taking them
Stormsong Manor
09:10:40 Ven
Now when I take 300 I just get sleepy and drift off nicely. It doesn't make me a zombie or anything
Hummingbird Meadows
09:10:30 Hummer
Ven, I am on 175mg. I really struggle with falling sleep and staying asleep so I am scared of getting off it though.
Stormsong Manor
09:09:58 Ven
That's how it was for me when I started taking it. I think he started me on 50mg. The first night I took it, I was on the couch and could barely make it up the stairs to bed. Then I slept for 16 hours.
KPH Equestrian
09:09:25 Rapcoon | Jester
ooh yes very watery
Wraithcry Farm
09:09:22 Trigger 🐾
I have diabetes, it sucks.
Absolutely sucks. I have become immune to needles because my life consists of needles.
I have tried to loosing weight but a hormone issue causes me to keep weight on. So that is not possible. Medication is keeping my sugars and A1C in check though.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:09:15 Hummer
I have severe insomnia and am on seroquel. I want to get off it though because I am drugged to the point I can barely wake up to use the bathroom even though I need to go.
Caprina Springs
09:08:40 Mads
-Click- Does the smudged ground immediately below the horse and dog look convincingly enough like water?
Stormsong Manor
09:08:08 Ven
I'm down from 600mg to 300mg, so there's that, but that's the lowest I'm able to tolerate
Stormsong Manor
09:07:28 Ven
I do not want to be on seroquel long term. I've already been on it for a long time and it's not a good drug to have to take. But all attempts to change up my meds have resulted in me having breakdowns. I don't know what to do. I have to have my blood monitored and thank fuck I have not put on a bunch of weight or developed diabetes
Wraithcry Farm
09:06:08 Trigger 🐾
I have trouble sleeping. So I take Trazadone 100 MG nightly, otherwise I’m awake
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EWW | Persephone

Color: Blue Roan
Horse Nbr: 23806368
Breed: Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: October 1, 2020
Age: Deceased
Birth Year: 135
Height: 16.2 Hands

 Rainbow Bridge

Pasture: ψ Elysium

 Holly Hill Farm
Brand: FF$
Sire: Stormswift ཉ
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Training In: All Disciplines
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Eventing Level: 10 Schoolmaster
Dressage Level: 9 International
Cross Country Level: 10 Schoolmaster
Jumping Level: 10 Schoolmaster
Show Experience: 82

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