Color Wonder Stables
07:52:51 Kass/Color 🌻
Wow now I have my own debit card and I don't have to ask my mom to get my premi for me LOL.
Star Catcher Estate
07:51:12 Fleur|WBs
I have mine for next RO. Then it'll be a while until I get a new one
Color Wonder Stables
07:49:13 Kass/Color 🌻
Oh shit mine runs out in a week.
MakeEm Arabians
07:48:20 Ally 🌺
My upgrade will run out right before RO next month ugh this sucks
Moonglade Manor
07:47:42 Raven #2
Diamond C Ranch
07:47:25 Diamond
-HEE Click-
Diamond C Ranch
07:46:51 Diamond


I made these.
Moonglade Manor
07:46:04 Raven #2
Can someone link the HEE memes forum?
Breezie Rose
07:45:44 Breeze/Rose | RIDs
I think this is my favorite set that I've made
Moonglade Manor
07:45:01 Raven #2
Diamond, me too!
Color Wonder Stables
07:43:58 Kass/Color 🌻
Maybe I'll get a new set one day... one day. LOL. When I'm making millions.
Kawasaki Equestrian
07:43:20 Baby Ninja
Mm'kay then.
Diamond C Ranch
07:42:41 Diamond
It's cute! Can't wait for the one of my kitty on it! XD
Moonglade Manor
07:41:25 Raven #2
I like the set I have right now, do you guys like it??
Moonglade Manor
07:40:22 Raven #2
Beartooth Ridge
07:40:20 Toothless
meant his week 4 lol sorry im tired
Moonglade Manor
07:40:14 Raven #2
Toothless, noice!
Beartooth Ridge
07:39:50 Toothless
This is the best foal i gotten this RO so im hoping he does good his RO.

-HEE Click-
Kawasaki Equestrian
07:37:23 Baby Ninja
-HEE Click-
God, i hope she's at least 3 for 4 so I can warrant keeping her Dx
Color Wonder Stables
07:35:54 Kass/Color 🌻
Getting straws this season seemed to do super well so I'm going to attempt to do it again lol. Might have to brood some gals out in January to afford breeding the maidens lol. 😅

Can't decide which is more expensive... boys to test or girls to breed. :')

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