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News and Special Announcements not in the Game
12 Capture Party On Thursday!
18 hours ago
Rider's Lounge
Off-topic discussion here. Current events. life. Whatever strikes your fancy.
  ★Games   ★Polls   ★Roleplay   ★Snark Factory   ★Winner's Circle
782 Zoo (Sign-ups)
31 minutes ago
The Paddock
Discussion on all things equine.
52 Coast Trip Tips!
17 hours ago
Horse Eden Eventing
General game discussion here.
  ★HEE Clubs   ★Pimp Your Stable
513 Im Back
5 hours ago
Member Help
Do you have questions? We have answers!
  ★Guides   ★What's He Worth?
392 How I show at HEE
1 hour ago
Horse Sales
Want to sell a horse? Post here.
  ★Auctions   ★Want Ads
852 Buying 2 good mares
3 hours ago
Art Shops
Customize your horses with art from our members.
  ★Art Auctions   ★Art Gallery   ★Art Help   ★Art Requests
780 KeonahN - OPEN (but expect a wait)
1 hour ago
Fun times.
  ★Art Contests
206 Stable Naming contest
40 minutes ago
Breeding Discussion
Which horses are you looking forward to breeding?
70 Need help matching my mare
2 days ago
Stallion Ads
Is it love? The boys.
  ★Color Breeders   ★PON   ★RID/ISH   ★SH/X   ★TB/AA   ★WB/KNN
271 YR 99/100 EEE KNN LpLp Stud Straws/LCs
1 day ago
Broodmare Ads
Is it love? The girls.
  ★PON   ★RID/ISH   ★SH/X   ★TB/AA   ★WB/KNN
329 YR100 EEE Brood Auction
1 hour ago
Straw Ads
Sales and auctions of straws.
  ★PON   ★RID/ISH   ★SH/X   ★Straw Auctions   ★TB/AA   ★WB/KNN
510 PUP Yr100 #2 KNN , LB EEE KNNs + Free Freshie!!!
4 minutes ago

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  How I show at HEE
MC Ace
1 hour ago
  YR100: Coldwater | TB/AA | Returning & Freshmen
9 minutes ago
  Help me test my colts - EEE straw giveaway!
Riverhox Park Equine
1 hour ago
Art Shops
  Copper Graphics -OPEN-
2 hours ago
  Western or English?
Armistice Acres
2 hours ago
Straw Ads
  PUP Yr100 #2 KNN , LB EEE KNNs + Free Freshie!!!
4 minutes ago
  Every Entry=Extra Prize Giveaway
Riverhox Park Equine
1 hour ago
Broodmare Ads
  YR100 EEE Brood Auction
MC Ace
1 hour ago
  Zoo (Sign-ups)
Hill Road Stables
31 minutes ago
  Stable Naming contest
Riverhox Park Equine
40 minutes ago

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