Tamarack Mountain
07:09:20 Opal
I play DT
Ranch Lands Training
06:42:38 Lilly/PON Addict
Well I hit my 200 cap with my BM. I guess it's time to try hand showing 🥲
Aurorae Sport Horses
06:37:29 Hawk// ASH <3
Mine just took ages, it's faster now with the brush I'm using, I also swapped off or Medibang cause it was overcomplicated to do anything 😭
Rivendell Horses
06:32:33 Mirth
I felt lost the first time I tried it 😂
Golden Crest
06:31:37 ᰔᩚ Eve
Same, sometimes I love how it turns out and other times (most times) I dislike it. I guess it comes with practice 🙈
Rivendell Horses
06:22:01 Mirth
06:21:50 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Started yesterday and feel lost
06:21:21 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Can I pm you some DT questions somewhere Myth?
Aurorae Sport Horses
06:20:38 Hawk// ASH <3
I think I'm getting somewhere, it's really just the hair I struggle with
Rivendell Horses
06:20:25 Mirth
I do
06:20:02 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Anyone happen to play DT?
Fall Acres
06:18:35 Liz / Lizzy
And I still haven’t completed the “geld 5 horses” right now it’s only 1/5… how in the word will I be able to geld 300 when I don’t even have 300 stallion/colts -_-
Golden Crest
06:18:21 ᰔᩚ Eve
I am still figuring out my style, not too sure where I sit with it haha
Fall Acres
06:16:34 Liz / Lizzy
What the hell…. I just went from gelding 5 horses to 300 😶 for a quest
PK Rescue Stable
06:11:33 Fossil-sore
Nice one Zrek!
E.T. Eventing
05:59:57 Zrek
-HEE Click-

I forgot I had enough for a filly straw..
Siren Sound Estates
05:53:51 S҉ Sem
-HEE Click-
Capture Premium with a Pattern.
Might keep him anyway for woah.
-HEE Click-
Aurorae Sport Horses
05:36:15 Hawk// ASH <3
Ha you are crazy lol
Currently trying to keep my style consistent at the moment
05:35:18 Heyy it's Capp
Lol 1 up....how did you level -HEE Click-
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