McSmith Ranch
07:54:00 Mac | Thing 2
I just want to stop sneezing and stop being sleepy before trivia. Is that too much to ask
Morning Glory Farms
07:53:34 MGF/Tricia
Lol to bad you aren't closer and I have blankets of about every size you can think of lol
Wings Of Glory
07:53:29 O Great Potato Wing
im getting tired of people telling me theyre going to do things for me and it never happens
Abstract Dunes
07:52:20 Abs
Me with Roman's blanket size. D: LOL
Wings Of Glory
07:52:03 O Great Potato Wing
guess whos having a mental breakdown:DD
Morning Glory Farms
07:48:56 MGF/Tricia
Ugh my neighbours are home after like 2 months away it was so quiet upstairs it was so nice :'(
Abstract Dunes
07:48:14 Abs
Alright, that one it is. Thanks for your help. XD
Abstract Dunes
07:47:06 Abs
Yea, the regular one has better reviews too.
Diamond C Ranch
07:46:47 Diamond

My kitty <3
~ Hades ~
07:45:36 ~Daughter Of Satan~
Thanks Emma
Morning Glory Farms
07:44:26 MGF/Tricia
I mean he is to smart for his own good lol
Emmas Eventers
so cute Hades
Jericho Stables
The neck looks funky to me on the first one.
Jericho Stables
Still like the second one better
~ Hades ~
07:42:55 ~Daughter Of Satan~
Mah meows
Abstract Dunes
07:42:49 Abs
They are both 1050D and high neck. The EZ Motion has more gussets for movement so I'm kinda debating going with that one? He's just so damn big I want him to have as free of movement as possible.
Pinned Up Ponies
Or he'd be fine for like 3 mins and then remember he was supposed to be lame and then start limping * rolls eyes*
Jericho Stables
Ohhh I see it now
Abstract Dunes
07:42:03 Abs
K so Smartpak it is.
Jericho Stables
Hes smart enough I wouldnt put it past him
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