Daw their little curly tails
Heaven on Earth
10:04:02 Heavenlea
My friend just got a puppy yesterday! It's a Lab/Hound mix!
Hemlock Farms
10:03:13 Hemitas
Black-Dagger Equine
10:02:33 Name Goddess
Awe I want a puppy
Heartland Ranch
10:02:11 Heart
Oh, okay, sorry!
Black-Dagger Equine
10:01:50 Name Goddess
It's not mine I was just showing a image of what that mix sometimes looks like
Nordic Acres
10:01:50 Keo
Tackles hem and cap
Hemlock Farms
10:01:36 Hemitas

Here’s a video of some of her siblings. Mine looks very similar to the smaller one.
Heartland Ranch
10:01:16 Heart
Black-Dagger Equine, its SO cute!!! Whats its name?
You should! That would be fun
Black-Dagger Equine
09:59:25 Name Goddess
This is a Australian Shepherd mix rottie puppy

Hemlock Farms
09:59:20 Hemitas
Her sisters look like they could be cattle dog mixes and every estimate I get says she will be around 40lbs full grown. We will see! Maybe I can do a guess the breed contest once I get her tested :)
Dirty Paws
09:59:08 ♘Tosk
- shows off beautiful art -
-HEE Click-
Right?! Thats why I'm living vicariously...for now.
Black-Dagger Equine
09:57:42 Name Goddess
Doberman, Dutch Shepherd, Newfoundland and the German Shepherd sere my top fav dogs
Plague Doctor
09:57:25 Green/John
I got my bets on a rotti shepherd type mix as well
Hemlock Farms
09:56:51 Hemitas
You need another one Capp!
Black-Dagger Equine
09:56:49 Name Goddess
Hem he kinda looks like a shepherd mix
Plague Doctor
09:56:28 Green/John
Well, she has the coat of a rotti
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