Safe Haven Rescue
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click- I like my captures
Hell Raised Arabians
01:00:48 Thy emo shark
Over 6k profit again tonight :)
01:00:11 Koko
I have no problem with that if does me some good lmao xD
Saltea Stables
12:59:03 Tea || Snaink
If he's good I wanna toss some of my PEE combos at him, if you don't mind xD
WhiteRose Elites
12:58:13 * sneaky Hades *
Ooo so pretty!
Saltea Stables
12:57:23 Tea || Snaink
Dang hope his wk4 is nice
12:55:56 Koko
But I do love me some cute color colts that randomly show up sometimes, like this boy;

-HEE Click-
Saltea Stables
12:55:17 Tea || Snaink
-HEE Click- Sweetroll sired this girl of mine, and I'm considering sending the short EWE mare I bought to him this RO
12:54:59 Koko
12:54:43 Koko
Filly. Colts if they are EEE arent worth much anymore. I always prefer Fillies or Colts
Saltea Stables
12:54:28 Tea || Snaink
Always filly xD
Saltea Stables
12:54:03 Tea || Snaink
Oh, yeah, a height medallion might be a good idea
WhiteRose Elites
12:53:52 * sneaky Hades *
Ok thanks! If I was to use a sexed straw which one? A filly or a colt?
12:53:32 Koko
You could get the shorter medallion thing just to kinda ensure a better chance that the foal will be PON if you want
Saltea Stables
12:53:10 Tea || Snaink
Nope. That should be good. He covers her weaknesses and the foal might be a little strong in Int, but I wouldn't call that a problem xD
WhiteRose Elites
12:51:51 * sneaky Hades *
Would there be any items I would need for the Sweetroll match?
Saltea Stables
12:51:10 Tea || Snaink
It's no wonder she had no luck with stormbreaker, they don't match at all
12:51:01 Koko
Not bad for a free +10 map, P in Jumping and an Elite Bravery :)

-HEE Click-
Saltea Stables
12:50:32 Tea || Snaink
Koko, the boy she produced a WEE with would probably need a Mv glass :/
Footloose & Fancy
12:50:01 Dulcie
Alright found out who was asking
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