Thistleberry Farm
02:48:43 its Olive!
*passes yoghurt*
Footloose & Fancy
02:48:40 Dulcie/Dulcimer
I could send flowers in your name
A grape
02:48:09 A temporary raisin
can i have some oghurt? :p
Thistleberry Farm
02:47:33 its Olive!
mm nothing like settling down with some oghurt and watching the Longines FEI finals
Moo Moo Meadows
02:47:12 Sheep
Ugh, playing HEE as a married couple is so aggravating :( If we were only dating we could play together, but since we live together, can't.
Morning Glory Farms
02:44:08 Terici/Dino/Trish
A grape
02:43:26 A temporary raisin
Probably not
Moo Moo Meadows
02:41:26 Sheep
>spread the HEE Love
and send flowers to all your friends, family, and

Can we send flowers to people in our household then?
Ugh, lol I think I should just wait for someone else to put a race, lol, If I keep doing it, imma go broke XD
jumping for joy
02:31:41 jumping/joy
-HEE Click-
my boi
Carmack Elite AAs
02:30:32 ~Poncy Anglo-Arabs~
All 10.5kgs of him, and he’s 72cm long
02:28:56 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Awwwweeee! He is such a handsome boy! He is sooo big!
Carmack Elite AAs
02:24:12 ~Poncy Anglo-Arabs~
And he can just stop, only just got the house crawl proof
02:22:33 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Gosh what a little cutie!
Carmack Elite AAs
02:21:27 ~Poncy Anglo-Arabs~
Newest fella, partner wants to keep him whole to use over his friends Shetland XD
All Star Stables
Wow! He's beautiful!!!
All Star Stables
Wow! He's beautiful!!!
02:20:19 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
-HEE Click-
O.o well okay then...
02:18:08 ~Le Cheeto Puff~
Haha I also have been great! Just had baby#4 on March 4th! I still just have my 2 horses and a mess of bunnies lop but my mare is supposed to foal this month as long as she cooperates...
02:16:58 Bun #2 in the Oven!
It certainly is a tad bit easier with the renew rating, but what makes it tough is the E rating 😂
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