Stormsong Manor
09:02:02 Ven
When I was in college, I was double majoring, overloaded with credits, working, partying, and not doing a whole lot of sleeping. Doing a lot of risky, stupid things. Getting into fights with friends. Undiagnosed bipolar I, turns out
Witch Hazel Acres
09:01:13 Hazey
My parents see me going to therapy as an attack on them 🥴 I didn't get my ocd diagnosis till recently and desperately needed help as a kid.
09:00:45 Crowley | Myth
I'm scared to know what you are. XD
KPH Equestrian
09:00:34 Rapcoon | Jester
KPH Equestrian
09:00:07 Rapcoon | Jester
and the worst part is, I can't even argue, I am avoidant, depressive, antisocial 🙃
Wolf Dancer
08:59:43 Wolf Burger (Leg)
Can you pm me that link to the test?
08:58:26 Crowley | Myth
I needed that laugh.
08:57:49 Ls,lost,kayla,kl
Should I wait for capture day or start buying new stock line
Stormsong Manor
08:57:40 Ven
Everything was denied and every interaction with my mother was a fight, so I went through high school and college unmedicated and undiagnosed, had a mental breakdown at 22, and finally got the help I needed
Lucky Star Meadow
08:57:09 Starshine

I can relate so hard.
The Joker
08:57:05 Ari <3
Different doctors and different opinions I guess, I'm in Canada and there's such a shortage in the medical field right now
KPH Equestrian
08:56:40 Rapcoon | Jester
they did not have to do me like that😭
Stormsong Manor
08:56:35 Ven
I had a rough time growing up in the mental health department due to a parent who didn't want her friends and family to know her daughter was struggling
Wraithcry Farm
08:56:22 Trigger 🐾
I am the same ven. ADHD meds are stimulantsÂ… you do not want to stimulate into overstimulation for me lmao.
Lucky Star Meadow
08:56:14 Starshine
Does anyone want to join my team? I just made one :)!
08:56:07 Crowley | Myth
I always new I had problems. XD

"You are 7.81% sociopathic, 45.45% impulsive, which makes you 1.76% more psycopathic than the population average."
Wraithcry Farm
08:55:16 Trigger 🐾
I have ADHD, Severe Social Anxiety, and currently working on a diagnoses for PYSD.
I get triggered, and can get to the point of no return if pushed when triggered, or even overstimulated.
Thankfully have an amazing husband, but I am going too a new mental health meds dr.
The last one told me I was severely anxious because I am tired 🙃
The Joker
08:55:03 Ari <3
There is such a shortage of doctors here so I can't really switch, I went 10+ years without one until we finally managed to get off a waitlist. I'm sorry to hear you went through a similar situation </3
08:54:55 Cheesy KNNs
My mother doesn't want me on medications, so she's being trying all these 'natural' things to help me but still doesn't want me tested? I assume she's just scared of having me on medications or something.
08:54:24 puck
I'm sorry Spooks :( anxiety can be such a bitch to diagnose too because they basically go "well you have all these coping mechanisms so your anxiety isn't disrupting other people" and its like yes but it's disrupting ME
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