08:36:56 Maelyn | Mae <3
Okay, I'll work on that now :)
Wyllow Equestrian
08:36:49 Wy
-and maybe a more noticable/extreme halo around the edge of the horse considering how bright the back lighting is :)
Wyllow Equestrian
08:35:56 Wy
That's gorgeous!!
I would definitely try adding a reflection and some harsh shadows (because of the extreme lighting)!
08:32:39 Maelyn | Mae <3
Thoughts on this? Anything I should add?
Netherworld Acres
08:20:10 Zippy
The Tailored Sportsmans I bought for my horse show in October don't fit as well as I'd hoped so they're now my motivation to get fit in a month. It's gonna happen.
Stone Fox Farm
08:19:04 Fox
-HEE Click-

Omg a chimmy!!! Haven’t seen one in months!
Nova Fang
08:15:14 Nova Fangs | Stars |
@ Skye's Paradise
Your stable art is wonderful ^^
Skye's Paradise
08:06:46 Pickle
I've done that a few times Gemini. It's frustrating.
White Fang Ranch
08:05:56 Dragon Lady
Native Tribe in the area doesn't always mean haunted. Could be residual haunting or something else. Hard to say. Something willingnto physical with you isn't ideal for sure.
I accidently hired more riders rather than consolidating >:(
08:04:54 Moon/Misty/Foggy
I'm gonna head off. Sorry for confusing y'all. Night.
Skye's Paradise
08:04:16 Pickle
08:03:27 Moon/Misty/Foggy
Sorry for the double post.
08:03:11 Moon/Misty/Foggy
The investigators are here now. I'm a bit cooled down now.
08:02:35 Moon/Misty/Foggy
The investigators are here now. I'm a bit cooled down now.
07:58:16 Moon/Misty/Foggy
No. I'm bad at explaining things, but it felt like a actual hand slapped my chest.
Green Arrow Stable
07:57:47 May | Lemon | LD
Oh I understand now.
07:57:26 Moon/Misty/Foggy
There was a indian tribe in this area before the firehouse was built.
Wait did you have a dream or did you go along to a fun thing like a haunted fun house or something?
07:56:54 puck
ah. that's fun
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𝔾 Roo | WWE
WWE Irish Sport Horse Mare

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𝔾 Roo | WWE

Color: Light Bay
Horse Nbr: 25426224
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: March 5, 2021
Age: 7
Birth Year: 140
Height: 16.3 Hands

Home: HRS
Barn: Ratings

Breeder: GraceFull
Brand: 𝔾
Sire: ⅁ Valen WWE
Dam: ム HoneyBee | EWE
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales HistoryGenetic Test


Ridden by: Penny 96 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 23

Eventing Level: 3 Beginner Novice
Dressage Level: 4 Medium 1
Cross Country Level: 4 Training
Jumping Level: 3 Cross Rails
Show Experience: 22

Training Gauge


Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 24677


4 222112
5 222222
8 333233
9 333233
10 333333
11 443334

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