10:40:52 Lyublyu Tebya, Nan
We had SPHE first thing in a Monday morning but sir always came in with a hangover and effects of other stuff wearing off...that was always..fun
California Valley
10:40:49 Cali | Kale | Calz
Ally that sounds like my Spanish class in freshman year xD The teacher would constantly let us watch movies, that class was just pure chaos. We didn't learn much in that class
Silver Isle Eventing
10:40:24 Shard
Pretty sure we had an assignment in that class where we had to write a paper and I was the only one who did it and didn't even get a grade on it. =/
MakeEm Fancy
10:39:29 Ally 🌺
I didnt learn shit in spanish either lol we watched Netflix all hour
Silver Isle Eventing
10:38:55 Shard
@Ally, that was my drama class. We just did improve games.
MakeEm Fancy
10:38:50 Ally 🌺
We did get to play with puppies one day lmao that was pretty cool
10:38:48 Lyublyu Tebya, Nan
Sounds like what my religion class was.
MakeEm Fancy
10:38:14 Ally 🌺
We had one class and basically sat around and did nothing <.> it was a joke
California Valley
10:37:29 Cali | Kale | Calz
Ally that sucks. Mine had all sorts of classes to choose from. If you were in the ag program, you had to take 4 ag electives each year. My favorites were equine science, large animal science, vet tech, and the companion animal class
Silver Isle Eventing
10:36:55 Shard
I am so jealous Cali. There is a school in my state that has a program in equine science and management. I would love to go to that program, except I wouldn't make very good money with that degree.
MakeEm Fancy
10:36:12 Ally 🌺
The ag class we had was cool but was a bummer since they had nothing about horses
California Valley
10:35:07 Cali | Kale | Calz
It was fun. Most of my study hall periods and ag classes were spent down at the barn with the sheep and mini pony lol It was honestly the highlight of going to that school
Silver Isle Eventing
10:34:33 Shard
I would have loved an agriculture program at my high school, but I live in the suburbs not the country. I am a country girl at heart though. >.<
MakeEm Fancy
10:34:17 Ally 🌺
I remember having to help my dad pull a lamb once thats was an interesting experience
10:33:13 Lyublyu Tebya, Nan
Oh thats nice Cali!
I couldn't do Ag Science because I didn't live on a farm -_- bullshit! So instead I just worked on the farm instead of school

Stay in school kids 😅
Emmas Eventers
Yeah Sheeplet is cute, and differentiates from the meat lol
California Valley
10:31:50 Cali | Kale | Calz
The high school I went to had an ag program and within the ag program the school had some sheep that students would show during the summer. The ewes would be bred each year as well and the students got to help with caring for them and the babies
MakeEm Fancy
10:31:40 Ally 🌺
We sold ours years ago. We just have horses now
10:30:58 Lyublyu Tebya, Nan
Sheeplets 😂 I was thinking of pigs
River Run Horses
10:30:56 Rae <3
Personally I think a "sheeplet" is a better name
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𝓑 Chroma Rush
WWW Anglo Arabian Mare

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𝓑 Chroma Rush

Color: Blood Bay
Horse Nbr: 26703117
Breed: Anglo Arabian
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: July 1, 2021
Age: 14
Birth Year: 144
Height: 16.3 Hands

Barn: 3. Personal

Brand: ꏝꍟ꒓
Sire: ϰ Aranrúth
Dam: 𝓑 Le Monarque
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales HistoryGenetic Test

Ridden by: Scott 12 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 51

Eventing Level: 8 Advanced
Dressage Level: 8 Grand Prix
Cross Country Level: 8 Advanced
Jumping Level: 8 Grand Prix
Show Experience: 16

Training Gauge


Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: World Class

Color Rarity: 1 of 4415


4 222222
7 232233
8 333333

10 333343
11 443444
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12 444444

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15 554555


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