Midnight Mistakes
The only way to make money in the game is showing and you need to have an upgrade to actually make enough doing that, and now they’re so expensive it’s hard to save for one
Ranch Lands Training
01:18:37 Lilly/PON Addict
Oh wow. I was aking 145k for a 3 month. I had the forum up for over a month. Everyone who reached out to me was looking for 130k or less
FS Sunshine Acres
01:18:17 Ana / Pineapple
I got one on my other account for 135k
Royal Dutch Stables
01:18:10 Veritas
yeaaah, inflation has been kind of a problem on this game for a while. Just like quests don't earn anything. I don't even bother doing them
01:17:59 Mito/©Mythstake
-HEE Click-
Midnight Mistakes
Last time I bought one it was like 175k so I did notice an increase in price last time
Ranch Lands Training
01:15:06 Lilly/PON Addict
I stopped selling them because nobody wants to ay over 130k for one. But I can't justify buying an upgrade for someone for less than 150k. 100k does not get you very far in the game anymore
Midnight Mistakes
Ah makes sense- wasn’t sure if it was game flaw or people just not selling
Sunny Vale
01:14:15 Amelia
-HEE Click- oooooo just bred this little man
The Old Gods
01:13:29 Dead King
Cost of purchase has gone up in other countries and the US is kind of in a recession. Assume people are also wary about spending because of the potential default
Royal Dutch Stables
01:13:27 Veritas
@midnight, I noticed it too! Not nearly as many offers lately. Maybe it's inflation. 150-300k doesn't go very far on this game nowadays.
Moongold Magic
01:13:01 🍭 Diva
No, there's just not many selling them anymore, you got to keep an eye on
Bluebonnet Estates
01:12:00 Blue~Training Fairy
Do it! c:<
Dream fantasy
Nooooo~ I have literally 80$ short for the horse I need to buy 😭
Midnight Mistakes
Is something going on with upgrades? For the first time ever I looked in forums for one and none are available- is there an issue purchasing them recently?
The Seven Sins
01:09:06 Sveven/Karma
I might splurge on capturing since I didn't get anything worth while and see if I get something good.
Black Meadow Estate
-HEE Click- my WWW boy who managed to hit the LBs for ISH
There is a Sven gnome in the public store if anyone was waiting for one.
Nordic Designs
12:59:40 Keonah
Now to finally make the babies after 3 hours of catch-up and organization 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
12:59:26 Storm
I think I'll do AAs...
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 Year: 167   Season: Spring   $: 0 Thu 01:19pm CDT  
 Forecast: Sunny and Pleasant

Horse Page

✾ Thambora
WWE Sport Horse Mare

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✾ Thambora

Color: Red Roan
Horse Nbr: 26711994
Breed: Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: July 1, 2021
Age: Deceased
Birth Year: 144
Height: 16.1 Hands

 Rainbow Bridge
Barn: Rainbow Bridge

Brand: *COS*
Sire: Thunda Brigade (WWW)
Dam: 🐅 Tambora +2
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History

Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 66

Eventing Level: 10 Schoolmaster
Dressage Level: 10 Schoolmaster
Cross Country Level: 9 International
Jumping Level: 9 International
Show Experience: 144

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 5322

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