Sweetwater Creek
02:07:05 Sweet/Trash Panda
Lots of ABLB and breed LB studs for breeding + color & reasonable pricing
-HEE Click-

Color horses for sale most only 1k, feel free to pm about horses that aren’t listed yet. Lots of good show horses too pricing is negotiable no trades.
-HEE Click-
Willow Kiss Stables
02:03:14 Hannah
Dozens of horses available. EEEs, WEE combos, rare colors, show horses and more

-HEE Click-
Dream fantasy
Wk4: 334443<br>Wk5: 334444<br><br><br><br>Offer: ( all of this horse are 1y to 9y ) stallion: EWW-EWE-WEE-EEE-EEE, mares: EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE-EEE-EWP-PEW - 1/149- 1/222- 1/353 - 1/40 - some rare coat<br> 1/1 - 1/1 - 1/4 combo coat -HEE Click-
Hope Springs Stables
01:57:18 Hope | Zaz
Horse avatars only 5k and done within the next hour!
The Lazy Ninja
01:54:30 Jessie
EEP pony mare 5k will lower
-HEE Click-
ABC Breedings
01:51:59 ABC
Need quick cash for riders and showing!
WB auction in progress
Foals for sale
Color/ratings studs
Taking offers on all in Stallions geldings barn
Royal Mews
colour foals
-HEE Click-
Wings Of Glory
01:49:50 O Great Potato Wing
-HEE Click-
looking to get rid of some horses i dont use pm me offers before the auction starts:)
open to offers especially for new players/players in need
The Pirate King
01:49:27 The Armada
-HEE Click- color foals for sale, last chance
Eagles Peak
01:48:08 Alex
SH Broods W/WW/EEE Combos: -HEE Click-

SH LB Studs now up: -HEE Click-
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 Year: 167   Season: Spring   $: 0 Thu 02:11pm CDT  
 Forecast: Sunny and Pleasant

Horse Page

FF$ | WWW | Confuzzlion
WWW Sport Horse Mare

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FF$ | WWW | Confuzzlion

Color: Red Roan
Horse Nbr: 27392747
Breed: Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: September 1, 2021
Age: Deceased
Birth Year: 146
Height: 16.1 Hands

 Rainbow Bridge
Barn: Rainbow Bridge

Brand: FF$
Sire: HLF Kenobi
Dam: 🐅 Samoa
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History

Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 29

Eventing Level: 5 Preliminary
Dressage Level: 5 Medium 2
Cross Country Level: 5 Preliminary
Jumping Level: 5 Training
Show Experience: 42

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: World Class

Color Rarity: 1 of 5322

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