The midnight stand
05:55:40 Midnight
I agree. i love it there.
Ruffian Manor
05:55:10 Ash
Midnight, my mom's side of the family is. Deluth is one of the prettiest places I have visited.
Ranch Lands Training
05:54:47 Lilly/PON Addict
It's currently been raining for 4 days now and it's October 🤦‍♀️ We still have crops down
05:54:44 Crowley|Anti-Tee(jk)
I'm in MI 😭
MakeEm Fancy
05:54:39 Ally 💜
Oh good grief that's ridiculous <.> My insurance wanted to refuse covering my epidural saying "it wasnt pregnancy related." I won that one 😌 Now they dont want to cover my ultrasounds for whatever reason 🙄
The midnight stand
05:54:20 Midnight
sure am have been my whole life
MakeEm Fancy
05:53:00 Ally 💜
We either get a bunch of rain or we dont get any for weeks sometimes months
05:52:28 Crowley|Anti-Tee(jk)
My mom's insurance wouldn't let her an updated MRI for her back 🙄
Ruffian Manor
05:52:13 Ash
Wait Midnight, are you from Minnesota?
The midnight stand
05:51:05 Midnight
in the fall we get lots of rain in MN
MakeEm Fancy
05:49:57 Ally 💜
We need the rain badly just wasn't expecting it until later lol
Emmas Eventers
Wish could send some rain from here
The midnight stand
05:44:54 Midnight
that's annoying insurance sucks
Pretty Ponies Inc
05:44:28 💠Pretty Poni
I have downgraded allot tho. I use to have around 2000 mares to list for breeding 😅
The Undercity
05:44:20 Dory | Sierra
I am so in love with her :D I am excited for her
-HEE Click-
Ruffian Manor
05:44:00 Ash
Ally share some rain. We need it in Texas badly.
MakeEm Fancy
05:43:52 Ally 💜
Oh yes! Was supposed to see the little one today but insurance is basically being a pain in the butt <.>
MakeEm Fancy
05:43:18 Ally 💜
Im glad i deep cleaned cages when i did its pouring now <.>
The midnight stand
05:43:13 Midnight
pretty good.
How's the baby staying put I hope
Emmas Eventers
Never noticed that!
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 Year: 171   Season: Spring   $: 0 Wed 05:55pm CDT  
 Forecast: Morning Drizzle, but Clearing later

Horse Page

WWE | 𓊝 Set Sails
"Former Advisor"
WWE Irish Sport Horse Mare

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WWE | 𓊝 Set Sails

Color: Blood Bay Roan Sabino
Horse Nbr: 28059961
Breed: Irish Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: November 1, 2021
Age: Deceased
Birth Year: 148
Height: 17 Hands

 Rainbow Bridge
Barn: Rainbow Bridge

 Depressed patato
Brand: None
Sire: ᘔᏋ Cyrus
Dam: Daylight's Voodoo
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History

Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: Cross Country
Training Sessions: 41

Eventing Level: 6 Intermediate Novice
Dressage Level: 6 Prix St George
Cross Country Level: 6 Intermediate Novice
Jumping Level: 6 Intermediate
Show Experience: 4

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 1268

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