Everglade Equestrian
04:57:03 Evelyn
-HEE Click-
Stud up for breeding! Has produced a WWW this year already and has been top 35 ABLB and 1 ISHLB since his debut last year! Currently sitting pretty at 21 ABLB!
04:56:57 LC's Imposter
Need gone
Some colourful
Some W combo ratings

Check it out
-HEE Click-
Four Winds Valley
04:51:48 Nokota
lovely colored ISH/SH/PON looking for homes; -HEE Click-
RockyCreek Stud
04:31:22 Rocky ^~^
EEE/EWE WBs for brood and stud- 15k/45k No requirements -HEE Click-
RiverDale Stud
04:21:31 DuMbLeDoRe
EEE-EWE TB stallions forsale - 40k/74k NEED GONE ASAP - -HEE Click-
Cape Crest Stud
04:15:56 Elon Musk
EPE SH filly forsael - 5k -HEE Click-
Shadowscape Eventing
04:01:27 Luna
Mares available for brood
-HEE Click-
Onlander Stables
03:36:35 Veritas
-HEE Click- help me test my handsome blood bay WWW! Only 5k!
Silver Rose Ranch
03:33:54 Silver | Rose
Starting in 3ish hours
Silver Rose Ranch
03:33:39 Silver | Rose
Low priced KNNS all starting at 500

-HEE Click-
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 Year: 159   Season: Spring   $: 0 Sun 04:57am CDT  
 Forecast: Warming, with Sleet and Heavy Icing

Horse Page

DWT Hollywood Sunrise EEE
EEE Anglo Arabian Mare

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DWT Hollywood Sunrise EEE

Color: Black Sabino
Horse Nbr: 29100594
Breed: Anglo Arabian
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: January 31, 2022
Age: 10
Birth Year: 150
Height: 17 Hands

 Dragonwood Trails
Barn: 01. Mares

 Dragonwood Trails
Brand: None
Sire: 𝓑 Of Ten Suns WWW
Dam: DWT Hollywood Traveler EEE
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales History

Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 0

Eventing Level: 1 Not Ready
Dressage Level: 1 Inhand
Cross Country Level: 1 Inhand
Jumping Level: 1 Inhand
Show Experience: 0

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Elite
Cross Country: Elite
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 21753

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