The Old Gods
09:28:30 Void Malign
There's a game that's called "pokemon or drug" and I'm the only one who got all of them right of my friend group.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:28:04 Hummer
One of the funniest videos I have seen was is it a pokemon? Or a medication name?
Stormsong Manor
09:27:23 Ven
Also Geodon always sounded like a pokemon to me
NorthStar Estates
09:27:00 JF | Jelly | Trillow
like they know i have some variant of anxiety and i have bad depressive episodes but wont take me to get tested for anything
Stormsong Manor
09:26:50 Ven
I don't remember what the med was, but when I attempted to switch off seroquel and my doctor put me on Geodon, I had to take an additional epilepsy drug because of the worst physical restlessness I've ever experienced
The Old Gods
09:25:06 Void Malign
Lamotrigine was originally an epilepsy medication, but it's found use as a mood stabilizer and for nerve issues. I use it for mood stabilizing, to help with a nerve issue, and also my migraines
The Old Gods
09:24:13 Void Malign
depression, anxiety, pain, and migraines lol
Glacier Bay KNNS
What does lamotrigine do
Glacier Bay KNNS
What are you taking duloxetine for
Hummingbird Meadows
09:22:00 Hummer
@Ven, I went no contact with my father for 5 years and recently initiated contact again. The thing is I feel like the only reason I want to be in a relationship is so things aren't awkward when he comes to my brother's wedding or gives me a birthday gift. That doesn't seem like a good reason to be in a relationship though.
The Old Gods
09:21:09 Void Malign
I'm vibing with life on a combo of lamotrigine and duloxetine.
Witch Hazel Acres
09:21:08 Hazey
Same here on both counts.
Stormsong Manor
09:20:55 Ven
And since that is my first thought when I imagine her reaction, I don't wonder why it took me so long to come out of a box
Stormsong Manor
09:20:30 Ven
I have no contact with my mother but she'd go through the roof if she knew the details of all the mental health help and self discovery I've gotten and done.
Hummingbird Meadows
09:20:19 Hummer
@JF, I think my family knows I have been diagnosed with autism, but whenever I bring it up they say it doesn't impact me so it is not like I really have it.
Witch Hazel Acres
09:20:13 Hazey
Your quality of life is more important than your family's opinion of you and it's a hard thing to accept
NorthStar Estates
09:19:19 JF | Jelly | Trillow
I havent been tested fir anything yet though i know i have something, i dont wanna be put on meds or have family look at me different because i have something diagnosed.
Caprina Springs
09:18:44 Mads
Not me writing down these med names so I can one day talk to a doctor about my nonexistent sleep schedule and symptoms of major depressive episodes that I’ve had since 6 lmao. Holistic parents are cool n’ all until they just stop taking their kids to doctors at all. Havent been to the doctor since I was 5. Im 21 now with lots of mental health concerns that were ignored growing up xD
Hummingbird Meadows
09:18:21 Hummer
I have been through A LOT of therapy related to my anxiety and depression, but was diagnosed with autism two years ago.
I have my ups and downs on lexapro-
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ΣSychnós {EWE}
"(Si-k-nos) Ben"
EWE Thoroughbred Stallion

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ΣSychnós {EWE}

Color: Mahogany Bay Sabino
Horse Nbr: 31336978
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Stallion
Birthdate: July 6, 2022
Age: Deceased
Birth Year: 156
Straws Drawn: 25
Height: 17 Hands

 Rainbow Bridge
Barn: Rainbow Bridge

 Marvel Farms
Brand: Ðark
Sire: Earthfall ཉ
Dam: MF Frequent Flyer
Foals This Year: 0
Bravery: Sub-Par (0%)

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Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: Cross Country
Training Sessions: 33

Eventing Level: 4 Training
Dressage Level: 2 Introductory
Cross Country Level: 6 Intermediate Novice
Jumping Level: 4 Novice
Show Experience: 0

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Dressage: Elite
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: Elite

Color Rarity: 1 of 10756

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