Gemstone Stable
03:19:36 Snow❆Gem

;P Yeah, its just a tad weird for me. And OKKKK.
Lucky Stables
03:19:25 Marty McMucha
I need breakfast before it gets to late...
Prismatic Cove
03:19:08 Rem | Bo
thats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me
Prismatic Cove
03:18:40 Rem | Bo
Creepy but also not wrong
Epsilon Acres
03:18:31 Eps
Gimmie a second and I can look for you <3 Is there a budget you're trying to stick to?
03:18:14 Tea || Snaink
Fantastic Rem
Galloping Stables
03:18:05 Abby
-HEE Click-

Please post!
Moonlit Elites
03:18:01 Sure
which account is myth's side account?
Prismatic Cove
03:17:45 Rem | Bo
Okay so someone pm me all the names I sacrifice myself as the basic white girl poll person
03:17:42 Tea || Snaink
should I put together the poll xD
Gemstone Stable
03:17:19 Snow❆Gem

Well, several months ago when I was talking to you, I heard the name in my mind. ;P I have correctly guessed players hair lengths/color too. I only get it randomly. I can't summon the info on will.
03:17:08 puck
oh, also isabellas
Prismatic Cove
03:16:48 Rem | Bo
I know its her but its just making me doubt
03:16:33 Tea || Snaink
the joke is that account is one of Myth's side accounts
Prismatic Cove
03:16:26 Rem | Bo
You're making me second guess myself
Ponies heaven
03:16:09 Pera/ peral
Moonlit Elites
03:15:54 Sure
Its myth
03:15:51 Tea || Snaink
Oh yeah Sophies are common. Sophias as well
03:15:32 Allons-y
Who is Hadithi?
03:15:25 puck
Based off the names of my students, Sophies and Avas are very popular names lol
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 Year: 167   Season: Spring   $: 0 Thu 03:19pm CDT  
 Forecast: Sunny and Pleasant

Horse Page

WWW Thoroughbred Stallion

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Color: Buckskin Sabino
Horse Nbr: 32352850
Breed: Thoroughbred
Sex: Stallion
Birthdate: October 1, 2022
Age: 9
Birth Year: 159
Straws Drawn: 46
Height: 16.1 Hands

Barn: ABLB 😈 Studs

Brand: ✨ℒ✨
Sire: Llÿndr ཉ
Dam: ✨Fate
Foals This Year: 3
Bravery: Sub-Par (0%)

Sales HistoryGenetic Test

Ridden by: Nobody
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 8

Eventing Level: 2 Not Ready
Dressage Level: 2 Introductory
Cross Country Level: 2 Walk Trot
Jumping Level: 2 Walk Trot
Show Experience: 32

Training Gauge

 Managed Shows
Horse is Rated:
Dressage: World Class
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: World Class

Color Rarity: 1 of 5750

Current Leaderboard Standings
Best Eventing Sires - ThoroughbredPlacing: #13
Best Jumping Sires - ThoroughbredPlacing: #25
Best Dressage Sires - ThoroughbredPlacing: #28
Best Cross Country Sires - ThoroughbredPlacing: #60
Top WWW ProducersPlacing: #63
Best Eventing Sires - All HorsesPlacing: #83
Best Bravery Sires - ThoroughbredPlacing: #85


WK 4 222122
WK 7 232232
WK 8 332233

LCs and straws 40,000 ebs
Please FR anything under EEE. I will buy unwanted foals for 4,000 ebs just send them to me. :)

Minimum Rating allowable for breeding (any combination): WEE

This horse has straws in the store for 40500

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