Lucky Ranch
11:02:14 luhckeigh
on his momma he didn't do anything he won't do anythinf
Lucky Ranch
11:01:52 luhckeigh
let thegeese in hes innocent...
you can trust me im his lawyer hes not at all my partner in crimes
10:43:45 Bear / Bingus
Right, hummer? Totally going to make DD grullo a colour goal now o.o
Hummingbird Meadows
10:42:46 Hummer
@Bear, aw darn it! She is pretty though.
10:41:02 Bear / Bingus
god why do the pretty ones always rate bad :') -HEE Click-
Hummingbird Meadows
10:38:37 Hummer
Lol, I just saw this photo on Facebook.
KPH Equestrian
10:09:29 KPH | Rapcoon
Widow Valley Farms
10:06:42 Dannielle/ Danni
The whole living long and prospering part never hit me too hard xD
KPH Equestrian
10:01:17 KPH | Rapcoon
glad to have killed ya with joy🤣
Widow Valley Farms
10:00:18 Dannielle/ Danni
Finally! A Star Trek joke
I can die happy now
KPH Equestrian
09:58:28 KPH | Rapcoon

How many ears does Captain Kirk have? Three. The left ear, the right ear, and the final front-ear.
Snitches' Stitches
09:57:43 Stitch
They may hate Dawn, but Ajax is still stronger than all of grease
KPH Equestrian
09:56:22 KPH | Rapcoon
What's a skeleton's favorite type of road? A dead end
KPH Equestrian
09:55:10 KPH | Rapcoon
Panther PONs
09:54:03 Lurker-Jelly-Pella
Neither did it 💀
They must really be morning it
KPH Equestrian
09:52:18 KPH | Rapcoon
Why do people who live in Greece hate waking up at dawn? Because Dawn is tough on Greece.
KPH Equestrian
09:50:27 KPH | Rapcoon
The other day I bought a thesaurus, but when I got home and opened it, all the pages were blank. I have no word to describe how angry I am.
KPH Equestrian
09:49:47 KPH | Rapcoon
Panther PONs
09:48:49 Lurker-Jelly-Pella
Thats some real dark humor.
A horse moved. A horse in the stall next to him said "hay! Im you're new Neigh-bor"
KPH Equestrian
09:46:20 KPH | Rapcoon
I cackled too hard at that one-

here's another:

How many storm troopers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, because they are all on the dark side.
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TWP Eos (EEW) 1/5

Color: Golden Bay Splash White Blanket Appaloosa
Horse Nbr: 32467630
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Sex: Mare
Birthdate: October 3, 2022
Age: 19
Birth Year: 159
Height: 16.1 Hands

Barn: Barn 1

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Dam: ∔ Ivy
Foals This Year: Retired
Bravery: Sub-Par (0%)

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Training In: Jumping
Training Sessions: 19

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Dressage Level: 2 Introductory
Cross Country Level: 3 Novice
Jumping Level: 3 Cross Rails
Show Experience: 0

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