WhiteRose Elites
12:19:02 * sneaky Hades *
-HEE Click-
Needed a dun name, then remembered ACDC
Beltane Eventers
12:17:02 Bel --- Kansas
Pheo set it up through PayPal
Blake Equestrian
12:15:54 Elizabeth
its a he, and thanks :)
I hope your card works soon.. I hate when they just dont work for no reason it sucks and its annoying
12:14:59 ~Accidental Genius~
Hmm then I don't know how to help sorry,
12:14:44 Pheo~ || She/her
Also, Blake s/he is so pretty lol
12:14:03 Pheo~ || She/her
I've closed and refreshed like, 5 times and put in the info several times but it just keeps happening :p
Blake Equestrian
12:14:01 Elizabeth
-HEE Click-
Omg... Im in love!

Also Im sorry Pheo I dont know what could be wrong with it :\
12:12:51 ~Accidental Genius~
Maybe something just isn't loading correctly? I don't know,
12:11:26 Pheo~ || She/her
Yeah. Also i used this card today. I went to Wawa and got myself a smoothie :3 lol. But I dont know why its doing this. i literally cant think of one reason it wouldnt work..
The Nine
12:09:09 Pine, Passa
did you register the card?
Blake Equestrian
12:09:07 Elizabeth
I dont know. Myabe your not allowed to use gift cards with it, but im not sure
12:07:42 Pheo~ || She/her
So, im trying to buy premium but its not letting me buy it with my visa gift card. i put in all the right info and stuff but it just says that it wasnt able to add on my card and to try a different one. Also, literally like, 5 minutes ago, i checked the balance and i have way over $10 on it.. does anyone know what i should do??
Blake Equestrian
12:05:06 Elizabeth
omggggg Im actually making 12500 ebbs on my worst horse :D
WhiteRose Elites
12:04:56 * sneaky Hades *
Hey uhm can someone PM me. I have a question regarding personal experiences with " the pill "
Empire Eventers
12:04:54 Emp or Empy

Me too; I just had that happen and when I saw the colt’s rating my heart dropped
Blake Equestrian
12:04:28 Elizabeth
I mean maybe..
Blake Equestrian
12:03:57 Elizabeth
It honestly makes me cry sometimes :|
Hexada Equestrian
12:03:20 Hex
I just liked practicing my tricks there because the ground was so smooth. There was a fancy cadillac giveaway car maybe that was what he was worried about? I don’t even know
Empire Eventers
12:03:15 Emp or Empy
@Elizabeth right??
12:02:55 Koko
Im so nervous for her Week 4 >.<

-HEE Click-
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