KPH Equestrian
09:38:00 KPH | Rapcoon
wouldn't it just look similar to a Smokey Creme?
Looking Glass Stable
09:37:05 IA Glass 👋
Fascinating. I wonder what a black-based homo-pearl would look like on HEE (:
Apricots are already such a big deal to many breeders; I can only imagine ♡
With the genetics I have 2 major issues and some which are more subjective and I personally would have solved differently.

Issue 1: The implementation of Pearl. Pearl is correctly represented as a recessive allele, but it should be mapped to the creme locus. Also homozygeous pearl shows on all base colors and not just on chestnut

Issue 2: There is no Implementation of the KIT gene, but instead the Alleles that would occure on KIT are represented as individual genes. (eg. roan, toby ect...)

Don't get me wrong the genetics here are better than in many games, but still I'd love to see a more accurate mapping of the alleles to the correct Locus, especially because the hypothetical At allele is mapped to Agouti which prooves that the code allows for more than 2 different alleles to be mapped to a gene
Valley Sports
09:31:46 Sam
-HEE Click- it broke
Looking Glass Stable
09:26:29 IA Glass 👋
Lol I think you are too! Nice to meet you out in the wild here haha (:
I'm curious which genetics you disagree with?
If there's any questions you have that I may know, feel free to ask away! Always happy to help if I can (:
Lots of folks here know far more than I about this game too, although I feel I've got a pretty decent grasp on it by now at least (:
oof what should I say Glass :x
(btw. I think I'm one of your customers xD)

Generally I do like it alot, even tho I disagree with some of the genetics. But tbh most of the time I'm hella confused about 1000 things, because I can't find information on them.
Valley Sports
09:24:03 Sam
uhm... lol no clue really
Looking Glass Stable
09:23:33 IA Glass 👋
That's actually a really solid strategy for impulse buying!
I think I dive into my mess of projects and breeding when I'm trying to curb my spending lol
Stormsong Manor
09:22:24 Ven
When I am trying not to spend on capturing but still have to Do Something, I'll buy, sort and name geldings. It takes longer to spend money that way and I'm still doing a thing
Looking Glass Stable
09:21:57 IA Glass 👋
Ha! A true mood.
It's definitely pleasing when you get your barns all organized and nice though (:
How's the game been for you thus far?
*Rising Stars TBs*
09:21:45 Star / Sarah
Sam, I have to aask, why is there a TB in your PON barn? 😅
Oh valley, I don't think I need that one - its most likely too fancy for me xS I enjoy simplistic beauty :x
xD Yea and I always try to tell myself: "I'm only here to quickly play the minigames" and then it goes... "Yes, lets rename each and every horse in my barns :3"
Looking Glass Stable
09:18:02 IA Glass 👋
HEE helps me procrastinate on lots of things too; I feel that lol.
Valley Sports
09:17:17 Sam
Valley Sports
09:17:01 Sam
I got a low rated 1/6 pon I'm trying not to keep anything under ppp right now
As always procrastinating from writing my Master Thesis :3

Well, in a way I do... But I think I do it differently than most ppl here :x Why do you ask?
Valley Sports
09:14:57 Sam
do you breed for color?
Valley Sports
09:14:08 Sam
going good, you?
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