10:09:38 puck
would it help to maybe shrink your bravery project a bit? I think ink had a similar issue. It's why I won't let my herd get bigger than 100, there's just so much burnout from bravery breeder
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:08:28 Purp/PPF
That's not a bad point. I just feel like I've tried most everything at one point or another. Besides bravery I never quite had anything click. But now that's all clicking into AD.
Caaldir Equestrian
10:07:47 Deor / Caal
Get the black cat because she was calm I said. It'll be fun I said XD
Caaldir Equestrian
10:07:05 Deor / Caal
Just got this gem from a video of my cat after trying to tear down my flag and before repeatedly turning on/off my heater
Arcturus Centre
10:05:29 Prezi
For sure Purp. I have taken long breaks from the game. Hard to come back tho.
10:00:48 puck
Purp, this is a game! It should be fun, not a chore. If you're losing motivation, or getting bored, definitely find a new project to focus on and revitalize interest
10:00:17 puck
100,000 words!!!
Purple Pegasus Farm
09:59:35 Purp/PPF
Does anyone else ever have trouble with keeping the motivation to consistently play? The thought to just get rid of everything and come back to start something new keeps creeping up on me. But I can't bring myself to do it.
Pinyon Meadows
09:59:33 Eo / Eos
Me getting my evil little hands on every high rated TB I can: >:)
Pinyon Meadows
09:58:47 Eo / Eos
They only have one thoroughbred on auction right now, but I'm watching very closely because I like her and she's a nice EEE
09:58:08 puck
If you're still relatively new, I'd poke around in Adam's junior auctions. That's the most helpful thing for accounts starting out
Pinyon Meadows
09:58:08 Eo / Eos
I adore him
09:56:59 Blook (He/they) ;-)
To be honest, this guy really started my barn!
-HEE Click-
Pinyon Meadows
09:56:06 Eo / Eos
Thanks blook, that's good advice. Plus even if it's not good breeding, I can keep it because it's pretty
09:54:56 Blook (He/they) ;-)
In my opinion, getting a strong SEE mare can help build a program. If you can get a PWW out of her, that would surely pay off.
Pinyon Meadows
09:54:34 Eo / Eos
Yeah I'm trying to breed color and high ratings but I think I have to start with the bottom up in regards to the color+ratings. I have a buckskin EWE filly which I'm super proud of but also maybe it's best to look for stock under EEE if I choose the breed color into ratings :')
09:52:46 puck
If you have a color project, and aren't trying to chase the LBs, they might be worth it
Mountain Ridge Ranch
Sorry Deor lol
Zephyr Elites
09:51:50 Zeph / ZE
Close one, SCF. Lol
Pinyon Meadows
09:51:50 Eo / Eos
Tis a mare! I breed TBs and trying to find any nice stock at all is hard, especially if you want a color other than bay. I might buy a few from this auction just cause they're pretty, and sterilize them
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