Royal River Breeding
10:31:25 Kay
1. None of my horses apparently can race
2. I alway lose races 🥲
Elite Perfection
10:30:35 EP
Go win 5 races and you will gt 10k
Royal River Breeding
10:29:23 Kay
Bruh i need to get 30K- 10K by tomorrow and 20K by next month on the 1st for a brood 💀
Silver Isle Eventing
10:27:06 Shard
If the show is mostly medically accurate and has a good storyline I usually don't point it out unless it's really obvious. For example: letting a patient stay in the hospital for 3 days after they got their gallbladder out. That bothered me because when I got mine out they wanted me to leave ASAP. XD
Ebstone Elites
10:24:01 Ebstone
I can not watch a medical show around my parents for that reason Shard. They'll whisper quietly in the background "If they were real doctors they should have done this this and this..."
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:23:41 Purp/PPF
I have issues with forest/nature scenes because I can't understand how a chickadee that's singing made itself all the way out to the amazon.
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:20:41 Purp/PPF
Seem more like a missile at this point lol. Advice taken, however. :)
Silver Isle Eventing
10:20:37 Shard
For some reason horse inaccuracies don't bother me as much as say medical inaccuracies. I was watching the Good Doctor.
Kiwi Mountains
10:18:17 Kiwi-Aurora
I know right puck
10:17:18 puck
I mean like. Have you ever watched a horse movie? The creators never research anything ever
Silver Isle Eventing
10:15:09 Shard
I just find it funny the creators weren't like, huh, maybe you can't do that in real life.
10:14:47 puck
just gotta bite the bullet, my dude xD
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:14:17 Purp/PPF
That might work. If I upped my standards and culled a ton I might get somewhere with that. Easier said than done though xD.
Savannah Stables
10:14:16 bunbun
shard w h a t
Silver Isle Eventing
10:13:47 Shard
I'm watching a TV show and the character just scatter her mother's ashes into the water of a sea lion exhibit. You can't freakin do that!
magic springs
10:10:58 magic,Eel,Geko
here's a chimera
-HEE Click-
10:09:38 puck
would it help to maybe shrink your bravery project a bit? I think ink had a similar issue. It's why I won't let my herd get bigger than 100, there's just so much burnout from bravery breeder
Purple Pegasus Farm
10:08:28 Purp/PPF
That's not a bad point. I just feel like I've tried most everything at one point or another. Besides bravery I never quite had anything click. But now that's all clicking into AD.
Caaldir Equestrian
10:07:47 Deor / Caal
Get the black cat because she was calm I said. It'll be fun I said XD
Caaldir Equestrian
10:07:05 Deor / Caal
Just got this gem from a video of my cat after trying to tear down my flag and before repeatedly turning on/off my heater
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