Raven Oak Stables
04:25:51 Raven
oh, ok game. -HEE Click-
04:25:40 Bucket
Aww man that's unfortunate :( I've always loved the way the shampoo and conditioner smells, but it doesn't work with my hair type :( But I mean, so far this Hoofmaker stuff is nice. It's not greasy at all, but my nails still show cracks when I'm not wearing any because of the warmer weather here, that's why I was asking how long it took to see results haha.
Savannah graples
04:25:29 Savannah/bunbun
It will start at its designated start time
Darrow Song
how do i start an auction after i put horses in i forgetಥ_ಥ
Reese Farm
04:24:29 Reese| Ella
Congratulations Spirit!
wildfire riding barn
I seriously need to work on my scrapbook like I don't have alot of animals in there so I log on every hour or so to keep working on it
Spirit Guardian
04:23:00 Spirit
This is my Buttermilk!
-HEE Click-
04:22:49 puck
I've heard really good things about their products, but I'd never use them because I'm allergic to their shampoo and conditioner lmfao.
It was a lot of painting in that premade 0.0
I'm happy you all love it!
Spirit Guardian
04:22:22 Spirit
yes! Yes! Yes! I Just got my fave colored horse! BUTTERMILK! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
04:21:32 Bucket
I was just trying to get other people's opinions about Hoofmaker because I've been using it on myself for about a week now. There's a lot of good reviews online, but I wanted to see if anyone here said otherwise haha
04:20:11 Bucket
Aww that's okay! Hahaha
Savannah graples
04:19:27 Savannah/bunbun
Holy cow kyubi that's insane
Reese Farm
04:19:23 Reese| Ella
Good luck in capturing and getting ebs!
04:19:22 puck
Oh no I'm sorry I'm thinking of rainmaker 😂
Super Spookay. I had fun!
Savannah graples
04:18:51 Savannah/bunbun
It's still bald, but I don't hate it as much as usual
The Seven Sins
04:18:44 Sher
That's awesome, Kyubi!
Reese Farm
04:18:35 Reese| Ella
I'm speechless Kyubi. That is just stunning.
Spirit Guardian
04:18:30 Spirit
Wait. I Just have to try to get money today So I don't have to waste money today like last night.
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