Queen Elsa's Farm
11:39:06 Queen, Mom, Ice
>.> the foals coming out of these mares of mine... oh goodness
Lucky Stables
11:38:48 Lucky, Hail
I mean, talk about eye candy!
-HEE Click-
Lucky Stables
11:36:46 Lucky, Hail
Oooh he's cute <33
I'm hoarding color SH/ISH on this account lol
Golden Crest
11:35:59 Eve
For sure! He makes me want to hoard colour horses again lol
Lemons Stables
11:26:03 Lemons

Oh he's a pretty boy <3
The Old Gods
11:15:15 Dead King
that's the mail alerts
Golden Crest
11:13:37 Eve
-HEE Click-
Ninjago Realm
11:11:10 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
@ Dead king I only see the alerts is that not just the mail thing that says you got one? as at times I wish to opt out of it
The Old Gods
11:10:15 Dead King
under account settings, yes
Ninjago Realm
11:10:11 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
@ Seven ah so theres the ones that think the bee moive scripted is funny to give here two Grate :|
Ninjago Realm
11:09:19 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
you can turn it off?
Ironworks Equestria
11:08:48 Seven/Egon 🜝
It's a grab bag and depends who it is
The Old Gods
11:07:23 Dead King
I've had that disabled for years
Ninjago Realm
11:06:53 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
this Send This Stable A Valentine!

Enter Your Message


The valentine's sender is kept a secret until February 14th.
View your valentines Here. ?
Ninjago Realm
11:06:34 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
the Valintins day stuff ?
Ninjago Realm
11:06:16 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
as wps are just wired/ creepy
The Old Gods
11:06:14 Dead King
I don't think anyone knows what you mean by "card"
Ninjago Realm
11:05:55 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
im just trying to see what site has the better cards
Ninjago Realm
11:05:31 Lloyd,Zane,Nya
never mind
Ironworks Equestria
11:05:08 Seven/Egon 🜝
I'm sorry, I do not understand
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