Timber Canyon
07:44:50 is actually Timber
I've only ever had Mini Lops and Mini Rexes
Stormsong Manor
07:44:49 Ven
I am so sorry
HLS Mustang Ranch
07:44:20 Spirit
I'm alergic to beer and wine and all that jazz
Stormsong Manor
07:44:11 Ven
I'm drinking my strawberry watermelon lemonade vodka thing
Cherry Blossoms
You guys are making me want wine, but I am pregnant.
HLS Mustang Ranch
07:43:35 Spirit
Freedom Elites
07:43:23 Freedom
I am resisting the urge to go and get some pina colada. I already let myself have a little wine. So I must resist at all costs.
Stormsong Manor
07:41:37 Ven
And I'm not even drunk yet
Lucky Ranch
07:40:39 Grapey II Eggs
me neither o_O
Freedom Elites
07:40:10 Freedom
Now I cannot unsee it either 0.0
Stormsong Manor
07:39:42 Ven
Cannot unsee
Stormsong Manor
07:39:35 Ven
It just occurred to me that the WWW rating looks like one long zigzag line
Park Grove
07:36:53 Parker
AH sorry wrong chat!!
Dancing dire stable
07:33:40 Mosa's sa
Very true, tons of research will get done before I get one ^.^
Stormsong Manor
07:32:09 Ven
I have owned dutch, holland lops, mini lops, and an english spot mix
Gold Ridge Eventing
07:31:06 K/Mini Boyd Martin
And breeder
Emmas Eventers
Cool Riptide. I grew up with rabbits but been a while. I really want a Tricolour Dutch someday
07:30:47 Lost
Precisely, need a good breeder.
Gold Ridge Eventing
07:30:29 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Yeah, but you have to be careful of the specific morph
07:28:47 Lost
I just love vibrant reptiles. They're all cool but the reds/oranges just pop.
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