Eagle Warriors
08:11:44 Eagle
-HEE Click-
I lucked out so much with this little guy. First Frame x Frame that survived birth with me.
The Rushing Isles
im think about getting rid of most of my low stat geldings and mares do you think this is a goood idea when the top of my show horses are in this category
Netherworld Acres
08:00:02 Zippy
She's so pretty buy her ratings suck ;.;
Cain Manor
07:54:33 Comatose
he carries those genes but he also carries the grey genes which overtakes the other colors
Ponys Imagination
07:53:22 Quack :p
yea no problem!
Savannah stables
07:51:45 Savannah
Ok, thanks! I think I might have figured it out
Ponys Imagination
07:49:07 Quack :p
this is what i use to convert my images but it may not help with your issue xD
07:48:31 Ceci / (Call me) AL
Bear, he will get his adult coat when 3 years old
Savannah stables
07:47:27 Savannah
Jpg. I'm just 1000 bytes over the limit lol.
Black Rose Stables
07:46:58 Bear
-HEE Click- why does it say this foals color is grey?
Ponys Imagination
07:46:04 Quack :p
What kind is it? PNG or JPG?
Savannah stables
07:40:17 Savannah
Too large of a file
Kaelua Stables
07:39:34 Lex
Too big or too large?
Savannah stables
07:37:47 Savannah
My image keeps on being either too big or too large of a file. Like bruh.
CC Mustangs
07:36:45 CC, Cici, Soggy
Hrmm...I'm going to have to figure out what grains to feed to these dang goats. :/
Cain Manor
07:34:14 Comatose
-HEE Click-
Kaelua Stables
07:23:20 Lex
I am really a procrastinator :(
07:23:17 Jared
-HEE Click-
Wow, look, a gelding!
07:21:58 puck
ok I'm out I've fulfilled my daily quote for chaos and then some. Time to actually homework xD
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