North Street
03:59:26 North
Sea. This is why, whenever someone asks the best way to make money, I just say show, show, show.
Shivering Sea
03:57:44 Back to my PPP curse
You entered 369 horses into reg. shows for 430100

You had 369 horses compete in reg. shows earning 659211

@[email protected] more than 200k..
Shivering Sea
03:47:28 Back to my PPP curse
Mods aren't here to suspend your account simply because you want to start fresh xD
Olive Tree Equine
03:47:03 Olive / Yarn
october if you want your account deleted just be completely inactive. never log on
october pumpkins
any mods on who would like to suspend my account? Pleeasse!!
Olive Tree Equine
03:45:55 Olive / Yarn
dammit i thought i could spell
Shivering Sea
03:44:47 Back to my PPP curse
Almightiness* actually lol
october pumpkins
-HEE Click- Just Bred this:
Olive Tree Equine
03:44:16 Olive / Yarn
Plumeria Stables
her all mightiness
Olive Tree Equine
03:39:51 Olive / Yarn
by who i mean she
-HEE Click-
03:39:42 Jacob
Man...that just made me think..i havent had olives in a while...mmmmmm i need to get some.
Olive Tree Equine
03:39:33 Olive / Yarn
nah just having dinner,cake then watching a movie with Plumeria
october pumpkins
ooOooo Are you doing anything special later? x
Olive Tree Equine
03:38:31 Olive / Yarn
i got some books and a nice beauty product thingy voucher
03:37:50 Jacob
Lol it*
03:37:39 Jacob
Do ut
Tailas estate
03:37:36 Taila
-HEE Click- Omg I can’t believe I got a EEP horse
october pumpkins
what else did you get?:)
october pumpkins
oh ok :3
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