03:43:26 Kait
Lexi, breeding raters breed for P, E, or W in ratings,the game is asking you to breed a P rated horse, so perhaps breeding an EEE with a PEE/PEP, you'll hopefully get a P in the ratings,which is what you're being asked to do
Two Diamond Ranch
03:42:45 Madz
I don't even check the remarks lol, if it's public it's fair game
Pony Paradise Farm
Thanks Crandora!
Divergent Racehorses
03:41:33 Lexi
How do you breed a foal with a premium rating?
Two Diamond Ranch
03:40:44 Madz
I was gonna say it just seems a bit pointless to buy a horse from someone (presumably giving money to the person you're trying to be a jerk to..?) just to FR and lose more money on it LOL but I mean just because it hasn't happened to me doesn't mean it hasn't happened.
03:40:15 *Inhales Noodles*
Pony Paradise Farm
Unless the person is willing to give them back, you can't. You sold the horse to the person, allowing them to have the horse.
Lucky Ranch
03:40:11 Lucky♡Huskies
Im not saying that you are.
Im saying that some people will buy and FR horses when they see "Please dont buy-reserved" (or something like that) on purpose.
03:39:21 Butter
I have to capture a white horse. Im already addicted to capturing, the quest is just making it worse
Two Diamond Ranch
03:39:06 Madz
Same Fawn lol
03:38:51 *Inhales Noodles*
-HEE Click-

Quarantine gives me weird ideas ;-;
Lucky Ranch
03:38:31 Lucky♡Huskies
Some people will, or at least it comes across that way.
All Breeds
03:38:14 Fawn
Nothing wrong with buying a horse just to FR it. Once a horse is sold it's not your horse anymore
All Breeds
03:37:38 Fawn
I'll pick horses up before RO just to FR when they turn 2 for that extra bit of ebs
03:37:25 *Inhales Noodles*
Ugh.. Capture a Sabino horse quest. It's like this game encourages my capturing addiction ;-;
White Hills
03:37:22 WH or Hills
I FR horses all the time and I never do it just to be an "ass" Lucky
03:36:37 Kait
Madz,happens all the time with color stock.
Lucky Ranch
03:36:01 Lucky♡Huskies
Theres even an unrated stud on the KNN Freshie LB lol
Two Diamond Ranch
03:35:40 Madz
I don't think anyone FR's horses just to be a jerk... lmao
Golden Estate
They may have done it to complete a quest or get store credits
03:35:12 Kait
Asia, because they don't want to FR their horses for quests, and if it was FR'd by someone else, you cannot get it back. If you FR, i am not sure how to get it back, but it costs 10k, I think?
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