Plague Doctor
12:04:16 Green/John
I still play my DS, bought a new game for it today actually, I plan to get the new Legend of Zelda game that just dropped 5 days ago
Moonland And Elites
12:03:07 M&E, Moo, Loony
Even the Nintendo's are breaking down
I might get him a second hand machine to play on
Moonland And Elites
12:01:33 M&E, Moo, Loony
Good hopefully i can get this Xbox fixed soon then but i need the car fixed first lol everything's breaking down XD
Boulder Creek
My boyfriend is playing that right now!
Tobiano Lady
12:01:00 Tobi | Tofu 👀
Red Dead 2 is definitely amazing :)
I pretty much only got it for the horse stuff, but the story and characters are pretty good.
Manson Stables
12:00:33 MS
Yes! I have mine on Xbox 1
Moonland And Elites
12:00:09 M&E, Moo, Loony
Never played RD before but i'll have to wait until my Xbox gets fixed (There's versions for Xbox One right?)
Hubby wants RDR2 but he doesn't have a PS4 lol
Manson Stables
11:58:59 MS
I have red dead 2 and I really love it even though I just started it lol
Moonland And Elites
11:58:42 M&E, Moo, Loony
Lol i just play with random people

I'm getting a new computer in December :D
11:57:49 Jacob
Red dead is my favorite game. Thats why i want a ps4. My eyes are terrible so i cant play red dead on my ps3 anymore(I've not been able to play a game in iver 4 years) the ps4pro is supposed to have sharper images and graphics so im hoping i can play it. Ped dead 2 looks amazing.
Manson Stables
11:57:40 MS
Wrong chat sorry!!
Tobiano Lady
11:57:23 Tobi | Tofu 👀
I honestly don't like how Among Us handles on phones. I'd prefer PC but my computer is having lots of problems as is.
Manson Stables
11:57:18 MS
-HEE Click- Really need these filles gone!!!
Silent Grove
I love playing Among Us, but my friends are usually too busy.
Manson Stables
11:57:07 MS
-HEE Click- Really need these filles gone!!!
Moonland And Elites
11:55:24 M&E, Moo, Loony
I have Among Us on my Computer & Phone lol sad i payed for it then couldn't use it cause my Computer loves to crash : /

Still love the fact i can play HEE on my Xbox One XD
11:55:03 Jacob
Thanks. Ven did it i believe.

Dam that sucks i was hoping to play it. I tried on my phone but my vision sucks so i couldnt talk to anyone and it made my brain and eyes hurt.
Tobiano Lady
11:54:58 Tobi | Tofu 👀
On another note, Mom brought home a Guinea Pig. It's been nearly 10 years since our last ones </3
And I was able to acquire a relatively cheap brand new copy of RDR2. Lost our pre-order version and I want to play with the horses xD
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