The Nine
09:19:36 9
I mean right now I probably could, but I applied for a new job, and I'm hoping to work a bit more.
Shadow Woods
09:18:28 Shadow/Shadie
Yeah, sounds like you’re pretty busy 9
Morning Glory Farms
09:18:00 Terici/Dino/Trish
Persoanlly i ordered a new mouse on black friday
Shadow Woods
09:16:40 Shadow/Shadie
Legion, are you looking for a special kind of mouse? They’re usually pretty cheap, of course depending on what you get.
The Nine
09:15:13 9
Still trying to decide if I have enough time for it lol. Once I get out of school I might be okay, but thats another year and a half
Winterfox Stables
09:15:11 Foxy / ally
-HEE Click- She has lace!!!
Shadow Woods
09:13:03 Shadow/Shadie
Ah ok, I haven’t played it in awhile either so I’m not sure. And if you do make a youtube channel, please let me know! But yeah, people can be rude
Savannah stables
09:12:14 Savannah
Barn not bar lol
Savannah stables
09:11:46 Savannah
I think I cracked the code. Whenever I capture a boy and sovereign him in my bravery bees bar they seem to be brave. Clearly ou just need to show them what can bee if they choose o be a brave bee.
The Nine
09:09:39 9
Im not sure Shadow, I haven't played it much lately. I've actually thought about making a youtube channel lol, but people can be so mean
Timber Canyon
09:08:31 Timbie
Oh wow I didnt even notice lol
09:07:43 Kait
Thought I had the right chat sorry guys
09:07:41 Legion
I guess I need to decide if I want to stick with the mouse I have or wait till there's a sale and buy a new one
09:07:27 Kait
-HEE Click-
Offers? EEE WB filly, not 100% sure on selling, but will consider offers
Shadow Woods
09:07:19 Shadow/Shadie
Congrats Savannah!
Savannah stables
09:06:38 Savannah
-HEE Click-
I really should gamble today... first an EWW, then a E bravery with one E rating, and now a WC bravery...
Shadow Woods
09:05:33 Shadow/Shadie
9, can’t you change some settings to improve that? I thought you could
Shadow Woods
09:04:27 Shadow/Shadie
Yeah, I’ve heard that people generally don’t like sims 4 as much as 3. I’ve never tried 4 myself though
The Nine
09:02:02 9
Its an open world so a lot of laptops and computers can't handle it
The Nine
09:01:34 9
I just wish a graphics were a bit better :(
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