Moonrose Mountains
06:09:35 Diva
It is like pudding, but in dry way. You get those puddings in shops with a layer of fruit underneath... So this is fresh rice sweetened with cane sugar and fun food colourings added and dry fruits like coconut, sultanas, apricots etc
Autumn Ice
06:09:02 Ice
Do you have a recommended recipe? I think I have plenty of rice here but no cinnamon.
North Street
06:08:11 North
Make em yourself, much nicer, and easy
Autumn Ice
06:06:14 Ice
Rice puddings...gotta get some. It's been years since I last had one.
Arctic Dusk
06:05:23 AL's RID
I love rice pudding though... With lots of cinnamon
Autumn Ice
06:03:36 Ice
I've tried making some myself, but I never knew it was an actual thing.
North Street
06:03:18 North
Of course rice can be sweet. Think rice pudding
Arctic Dusk
06:02:29 AL's RID
I love fruits too but it's a combo I have never heard of
Depressed patato
I've never heard or it
Autumn Ice
06:01:43 Ice
Rice with fruits actually sound amazing, but it's probably because of my love for fruits...
Depressed patato
Thats much more bearable lol it actually looks delicious
The Valley
06:01:22 River
Potato. have you watched Matt Lucas and his Baked Potato song?
Middle Wyke stables
Arctic Dusk
06:00:47 AL's RID
Pardon me, but rice mixed with fruits?
Autumn Ice
06:00:26 Ice
I'd say both, but I prefer North America.

I had a teacher from Pakistan. One of the best I had, to be honest. A very kind woman.

As a side note, RoseRed Pearl is gorgeous!
Moonrose Mountains
05:59:49 Diva
Nope that is sweet, coloured rice with fruits
Depressed patato
Is that... coleslaw?
Middle Wyke stables
HEY autumn is your actual home in Asia or somewhere else
Moonrose Mountains
05:57:12 Diva
This is what I get to wear, I have no regrets lol
Autumn Ice
05:53:29 Ice
I'm also stuck in Asia right now, hopefully the spread of COVID slows by September, so that I can return home.
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