08:53:17 River
@ Executive Stables

For Rhyth X EumlB 137 I'd Name her Harmony Heights

EumlI X EumlC 137 Endless Image

WhenB X EumlC 136 King's Remorse
Song Sparrow Stables
08:52:51 SSS
You can change the camera controls in the gameplay to sims 3 camera. That's what I have mine set as.
Timber Canyon
08:51:56 Timbie
08:51:50 Legion
Mine's a click and drag to move the camera.
Executive Stables
plus two new two year old mares
Timber Canyon
08:51:10 Timbie
Yoooo that sucks, I actually noticed mine with the Sims 4. Same thing, scroll wheel zooms in.
08:50:32 Legion
That doesn't mean it's not by the same part manufacturer. It's just annoying because I play a game where I use the mouse button to rotate the camera
Timber Canyon
08:48:30 Timbie
That is weird.
Executive Stables
Hi Guys!! I could use a little help naming my eight foals!! Please Help Me!!!
08:43:44 Legion
No, it looks like it's a different style of button for the mouse wheel
Fidler Farms
08:43:20 FiDler/Gibbsgirl
Golden Creek Stud
08:42:45 S l i v e r
all riders need to be paid
Fidler Farms
08:42:22 FiDler/Gibbsgirl
Do you have to pay all your riders or can you pay the rider of the horses you want to show?
08:39:27 Legion
Interesting though, they use the same brand of buttons.
08:38:43 Mor/ Baker of HEE
Thanks Summer! Usually all the fancy ones end up underproducing for me but fingers crossed! Would be a lovely addition to my program for more W appy babies!
08:38:11 Legion
08:36:35 Legion
No, it looks like it's a different set up
What a beauty. Congrats on that rating! The best I'be been able to breed is a 1/174 ;^^;
08:35:11 Legion
why are these pictures so blurry..
08:34:41 Mor/ Baker of HEE
-HEE Click-

Here she is Summer! I loved the color so I had to see the others like her lol! The other gal is a bit lighter though I think!
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