08:10:00 Tina
Wow diva.
08:09:35 puck
oooh bravery rate her diva
Moonrose Mountains
08:09:12 Diva
I don't care for rating, she's gorgeous
-HEE Click-
08:08:55 Skye's MysteriousSA

Eh I can't do preworkouts or any kind of energy drinks. They taste gross >.>
08:08:34 Tina
Cool Foxe.
08:08:26 Tina
Cool puck.
08:08:03 puck
-HEE Click-

oh good wild mare
08:07:25 puck
nice, skye!
Hell Raised Arabians
08:07:21 It's me.. Hades
Nice Skye :)
08:06:37 Skye's MysteriousSA
-HEE Click-
Hayzed Pastures
Coffee depends for me. Sometimes it gives me just enough to function. Sometimes it gives me too much and my whole body is shaking. Just like if i take pre-workout. Sometimes it hits. Sometimes it doesnt. Which sucks >_> though the day it hit at work was a blessing. Cause it hit right about the time we got a rush for 3 hours
Cain Manor
08:06:03 Comatose
I have three! Toad, Scythe, and her
08:05:31 Tina
Guys can you please go to my barn and check out flying coal and tell me if that saddle pad looks good or change it to full purple.
08:05:09 puck
-HEE Click-

her last owner had her in SD which screwed things up, but I put her in AD and I think she may be hiding int... o.O
New york
08:04:01 NY, the BIG apple
Oooo!just rated him! Noice colour, my dear.
-HEE Click-
Black Flag Stables
08:03:44 Suzy
Oh she's so pretty! 0o0 I love those badgers <3
08:03:43 Skye's MysteriousSA
Oh lol. Nyquil just made me be up all night, not sure why. Coffee doesnt do much for me either, although I don't drink coffee to begin with.
Cain Manor
08:02:53 Comatose
-HEE Click-
Ooooo! Badger
Hayzed Pastures
Uh Niquil i havent taken in years. But it also didnt work. Itd piss me off more than anything. Same with muscle relaxers. Those things made me SO angry.
08:01:31 puck
-HEE Click-

rude x.x
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