It's me Tina.
Moonrose Mountains
08:22:00 Diva
I dropped ish from my main like 2 years ago, last month I went like whatever rage breeding and got him - Im damned lol
-HEE Click-
Seagrape Stables
08:21:58 Secret Capp
Whoops. I'm on my AA. TB/WB is on my main LOL
Black Flag Stables
08:21:54 Suzy
I was confused for a second, NY XD
New york
08:21:43 NY, the BIG apple
Aww, dang. There goes my Plans for the day.
Seagrape Stables
08:21:42 Secret Capp
I do WBs and TBs here, AA and rid on sides
08:21:18 puck
*sigh* I guess it's time to sit down and make some matches
08:21:14 Tina
Im going to my second account.
Cain Manor
08:20:55 Comatose
Please don’t eat the TBs
New york
08:20:49 NY, the BIG apple
Rating, not eating XD
New york
08:20:35 NY, the BIG apple
AA for colour here! My other account will HOPEFULLY be eating TB
Moonrose Mountains
08:20:23 Diva
I do wubs and ish on my sides
Black Flag Stables
08:20:03 Suzy
TBs here :D
Cain Manor
08:19:50 Comatose
-HEE Click-
What the hail
Moonrose Mountains
08:19:49 Diva
I ve done every breed, I got stuck with SH and I add once in 2 years or so or swap for an additional breed, now it's SH and X
08:19:29 puck
Tina, I breed TBs on here. On my other account I do RIDs :)
Cain Manor
08:19:11 Comatose
I do ISH
Cain Manor
08:18:54 Comatose
You should really give her here
Black Flag Stables
08:18:24 Suzy
One bar a week XD
-HEE Click-
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