Autumn Ice
06:32:11 Ice
Ooh, alright, have fun!
North Street
06:30:18 North
I don't do pictures
Autumn Ice
06:29:39 Ice
Oh I meant sharing a picture or something like that ^^ I saw your recipe, thank you for that!
North Street
06:29:05 North
Sorry. Earlier chat. Rice, milk, sugar. Top with nutmeg and bake for 2 hours
Autumn Ice
06:27:50 Ice
Would you care to share?
North Street
06:27:11 North
North Street
06:26:30 North
In was inspired so I have just made rice pudding. It is now in the oven
Shadow Woods
06:26:06 Shadow
I have to go for now. See you all later!
Shadow Woods
06:24:40 Shadow
That she did. She makes a lot of pretty art
Arctic Dusk
06:24:06 AL's RID
Semi-new, I've had it for a while now :) And thanks, Lib did an amazing job
Autumn Ice
06:23:22 Ice
Oh yes, AL's set and palette are gorgeous! *Considers stealing*
Moonrose Mountains
06:23:02 Diva
I ve many true shareable recipes 😂
Shadow Woods
06:22:44 Shadow
Is that a new set I see?
ItÂ’s pretty :)
Arctic Dusk
06:22:17 AL's RID
Hi Shadow :)
Shadow Woods
06:21:51 Shadow
Hey AL
Shadow Woods
06:21:33 Shadow
Lol Diva
Arctic Dusk
06:21:19 AL's RID
Diva, oh that is indeed nice sounding
Shadow Woods
06:20:51 Shadow
No problem!
Autumn Ice
06:20:40 Ice
Thank you again <3
Shadow Woods
06:20:38 Shadow
Then scroll down until you see it
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