05:12:50 Weloli
5 ebs on my main bank account I mean lol
Olive Tree Equine
05:12:48 Olive / Yarn
right? like i'm 2ebs away from having 400k in savings
Dirty Paws
05:12:10 ♘Tosk
05:11:29 Weloli
Oh wow I love the savings account feature, it's a good way for me to hide a lot of money in that I forget about until I have like 5 ebs
Annapytt Ranch
05:05:26 Anna
When is it a new year?
Shivering Sea
05:01:06 Back to my PPP curse
Just matched my 2 EWW mares for next RO...

My next RO is going to cost me 510k... I better save up lol
Shivering Sea
04:56:46 Back to my PPP curse
Copy pasted from the game guide.

That's why you read the game guide :P
Shivering Sea
04:56:19 Back to my PPP curse
Once a horse reaches International Level in a discipline, they can continue to show and train for a while. After they reach a certain point, they will be automatically retired by the game and convert to Schoolmaster status for that discipline. They will no longer be able to show and train in that discipline. However, you may use your Schoolmaster in Rider Training, to boost the number of training points a Rider gains when the Rider trains. You also may choose to change your Schoolmaster's training discipline to train/show in a different discipline.
Echo forest
whats a schoolmaster
Echo forest
whats a schoolmaster
The Valley
04:50:02 River
Echo. I rider can have up to 10 horses
Olive Tree Equine
04:41:00 Olive / Yarn
-HEE Click-
was hoping for ome capture luck on my birthday...yeah no
Echo forest
yea i am looking through my horses now as i try to breed mostly warmbloods so im trying to find my best one to hire a rider for
The Valley
04:37:57 River
Echo. I have only looked at one of your barns but it seems that you will only need level 1 and 2 riders, they are cheap to pay.
Shivering Sea
04:34:59 Back to my PPP curse
Riders get paid depending on their level.
The thing is, the higher the level the more you will earn from that show, that's why they are so expensive.
Annapytt Ranch
04:34:52 Anna
I just got this one -HEE Click-
Echo forest
didnt know that thank you
Winterhills Eventing
04:34:31 Jen
The game will automatically assign a rider suited to your horse's needs with just the click of a button
The Valley
04:34:03 River
Echo. You need a rider who is at the same training level as the horse. They can be automatically assigned
Echo forest
i know how to do that but i mean what is the best amount to pay them is the most expensive one worth its price
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