Aspen Fire ES
09:18:22 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
I somehow got very lucky with this one's rating on my birthday
-HEE Click-
Silver Isle Eventing
09:17:12 Shard
Hmm... not your type?
Cadence Farms
09:13:40 evebot
All these oiled up shirtless men in the opening ceremonies
Aspen Fire ES
09:09:24 Aspen/Tea Slaveyy
Hello Everyone ^-^
Upside Down
I may be able to help too, SCF.
Ryshadium RIDs
08:49:27 Dr. InkSpren
I might be able to help.
Sporting Chance Farm
08:47:52 SCF/Sport/Gibbsgirl
nothing yet Ink.
Ryshadium RIDs
08:46:53 Dr. InkSpren
What did you break? lol
Sporting Chance Farm
08:40:53 SCF/Sport/Gibbsgirl
I need advice from a HTML guru.
Carmack Elite AAs
08:38:07 ~Poncy Anglo-Arabs~
Does hidden falls like do a clear out or do all items have to be picked up for it to be empty?
CC Knabbstruppers
08:26:22 SoggyMilk | CC
Ohh I kinda want to watch the equestrian Olympics!
Green Arrow Stable
08:26:07 Inkdiot
RIP, Hidden Falls that have no items
Silver Isle Eventing
08:13:44 Shard
Yeah, the freestyle dressage is at 4:30 AM for me on Wednesday. Guess I will have to pass.
Starry Meadows
08:11:46 Starry
I’m cheering on Boyd Martin for XC and Catherine Dufour for Dressage!
Appy and KNN breeder
-HEE Click-
thoughts on this match
~Skye Acres~
08:10:16 Skye
Equestrian portion starts tomorrow and goes on past RO. If you are in the US its at super weird hours though :/
~Skye Acres~
08:09:04 Skye
Ive definitely seen better opening ceremonies. It had its moments, but most of it was some sort of interpretive dance.
Appy and KNN breeder
-HEE Click- is he worth to keep as stud or no?
08:06:38 Legion
Yeah, Japan decided to continue on with them despite most people going "you really shouldn;t"
08:01:03 Leo
The Olympics? I didn't even realize they were going on lol
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 Year: 144   Season: Fall   $: 0 Fri 09:27pm CDT  
 Forecast: Morning Drizzle, but Clearing later

Horse Page

WW Banshee
EWW Sport Horse Mare

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WW Banshee

Color: Smokey Black Sabino
Horse Nbr: 24997890
Breed: Sport Horse
Sex: Mare
Birthdate: February 1, 2021
Age: 6
Birth Year: 139
Height: 16.3 Hands

Home: WildWillow
Barn: A. Personal

Breeder: WildWillow
Brand: None
Sire: ✧Samhain
Dam: WW Rougarou
Foals This Year: 1
Bravery: Unknown (0%)

Sales HistoryGenetic Test


Ridden by: Babette 58 (E)
Training In: All Disciplines
Training Sessions: 24

Eventing Level: 4 Training
Dressage Level: 4 Medium 1
Cross Country Level: 4 Training
Jumping Level: 4 Novice
Show Experience: 52

Training Gauge


Horse is Rated:
Dressage: Elite
Cross Country: World Class
Show Jumping: World Class

Color Rarity: 1 of 4475


4 - 212212
5/6 - 222222
7 - 222323
8 - 323323
9/10 - 333333
11 - 434434
12 - 434434
13 - 444444
14 - 444445
15 - 545545

Minimum Rating allowable for breeding (exact combination): WWW

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