Westeros Livery
12:28:44 Khaleesi
-HEE Click- if only he rated better
Horse Havenn
12:27:18 Lex
-HEE Click-
12:26:56 puck
Ohhh pretty *.*
Varian Arabians
12:26:33 Clock|Cucumber Bud 2
-HEE Click-
0-0 Wow, just wow...
All Breeds
12:26:05 Fawn
Only keeping intact because of that sooty lace combo *-*
-HEE Click-
12:25:44 puck
Nice, Mia!
Plague Doctor
12:25:10 Green/John
of course i got jack squat
Montova Acres
12:23:07 Mod Summoner Xtreme
I planned on doing it as a birthday present to myself but I didn't have the time to acquire the funds lol💀
Sunstone Eventing
Sunstone Eventing
I'm sad because I can't do the capture party because of RO :(
12:22:20 Yep.. I'm a Hoarder
Wha breed. Hmm.
Cassiopeia Court
12:21:05 Bluie/Mia
Puck, I’ve gotten a SPW, PEE, and a AEE. As well as assorted Es
Ocean River Stables
12:20:47 Ocean, Dawn, Aero
-HEE Click-
This will probably be most of my excitement for the day.
12:19:10 puck
Anyone catch anything super exciting yet? :D
Montova Acres
12:17:19 Mod Summoner Xtreme
I want to do it so bad
12:16:39 Fish | Grey | Queen
Caught this girl earlier, her and her foal are PEP

-HEE Click-
Hallucination Manor
12:16:29 Gym
Hmmm should I participate in the capture party?
Sagamore Farms
12:16:11 Saga
Wow congratulations Fawn! Thats amazing :O

I think I'd switch this guy if I won... -HEE Click-
All Breeds
12:15:17 Fawn
Doing a lot better in my personal life. Fiance and I moved and got our own place, I have a bearded dragon now and we adopted a kitten in August :D
Full Stride Farm
12:14:48 FSF 🐴
Congrats Mia!
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Understanding Art Images June 22, 2017 11:34 AM

Cadence Farms
Posts: 3330
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Here is a Guide to Help you understand art images in the Game.
This is for images that you upload such as Avatars, Banners, and Horse Images

File Types
Only three files types are permitted: gif, png, jpg
You can determine the file type by looking at the name of the file with the file extension.

Each file type has different qualities:

GIF: Can have a transparent background (but usually its wonky), the only file type for animations.
Animations produce a very large file that typically won't meet our size requirements. Sorry, but animations are out. They use too much server space and bandwidth.

PNG: Can have a transparent background. Can also produce a very large file size, but you can optimize it to be smaller.

JPG: Cannot have a transparent background, It usually has the smallest file size, and is the recommended file type for our site.

Note: You can only convert an image from one file type to another by using an art program. If you try to rename the file extension, it won't work, because it has internal codes that tell the system what type of file it is supposed to be.

Image Size: This is the dimensions of the image in width and height. Example: 300x300. That is 300 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. You should check what the image size needs to be before creating art.

File Size: This is how large the file size is in bytes. It tells you how much space it takes up on the server. Example: 100K is 100,000 bytes. You should check the file size requirements before creating art.

If you don't follow the requirement for File Type, Image Size, or File Size, it will give you an error message. Just because your image worked before does not mean it will work now because external hosts have different requirements. You should pay attention to the error message and try to fix whatever it is telling you is wrong.

How do I shrink my file size?
  • Use an art program to convert it to a JPG file.
  • Use an optimizer to shrink the file size. There are free online optimizers you can use.
  • If you are using photoshop, be sure to use "Save for Web & Devices", This will give you options for saving a specific File Type and Quality. If your file has a very large file size, try to save it at a lower Quality.

  • If you still have problems, make a topic in Art Help, and someone will help you.

    Also, there is nothing staff can do to help you with your photobucket issues. That is a different website and is beyond our control. Photobucket is cracking down on how much bandwidth they allow you to use. If you go over their limit they will give an error message. So if you have the photobucket error message then you need to use a different host, or upload to the HEE server.

    Good Luck!

    Edited at June 23, 2017 05:05 PM by Cadence Farms
    Understanding Art Images June 24, 2017 12:57 PM

    Cadence Farms
    Posts: 3330
    Give Award

    The best way to convert/optimize an image is to use an art program, such as Photoshop (paid) or Gimp (free).

    But if you aren't an artist, there are some free websites online to help with this.

    You can try these. I cant vouch for them, so please dont ask me about them. If they dont work for you, google is your friend, or you can ask for help in the Art Help forum. ;)

    Image Optimizers

    Convert Image To A Different File Type

    Edited at June 24, 2017 01:01 PM by Cadence Farms
    Understanding Art Images June 26, 2017 10:23 AM

    Cadence Farms
    Posts: 3330
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    How To Optimize Images In Art Programs - Courtesy of Eury

    Once your image is finished, you'll need to export it as a JPG. To do this, go to file > export as and select the jpg format from the drop down menu. You'll also need to change the file extension on your image. So, if your image says PNG you'll need to change it to JPG Click export.

    A small window will pop up with a slide bar, click the checkbox next to "Show preview in image window", this will show how big you image is. From there, adjust the slide bar till your image is the needed size.

    Go to file > save as. Select jpg from the drop down menu and click save. A small window will pop up with a slide bar. Make sure the box next to "preview" is checked. Adjust the slider as needed.The format options at the bottom of the popup can affect the size of your image slightly. Which will work best for your image will depend on the image itself, so some experimentation might be needed.

    Edited at June 26, 2017 10:23 AM by Cadence Farms

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