12:16:39 Fish | Grey | Queen
Caught this girl earlier, her and her foal are PEP

-HEE Click-
Hallucination Manor
12:16:29 Gym
Hmmm should I participate in the capture party?
Sagamore Farms
12:16:11 Saga
Wow congratulations Fawn! Thats amazing :O

I think I'd switch this guy if I won... -HEE Click-
All Breeds
12:15:17 Fawn
Doing a lot better in my personal life. Fiance and I moved and got our own place, I have a bearded dragon now and we adopted a kitten in August :D
Full Stride Farm
12:14:48 FSF 🐴
Congrats Mia!
Plague Doctor
12:14:39 Green/John
i never have luck with capture party so i don't think i'll be doing it
Sagamore Farms
12:14:03 Saga
Ive been doing well!! Was going crazy for a few months there so HEE had to give for a while xD Thankfully life calming down a bit so I have some time for the pixel pons!

How about you? Missed ya
Cassiopeia Court
12:13:48 Bluie/Mia
Thanks, Grey! Just breed approving 100 horses xD
Rosewood Estates
when a horse doesn't train up wk4 is that bad?
Or how would i know a horse will flop by reading its training?
Full Stride Farm
12:13:31 FSF 🐴
-HEE Click-
well she is pretty, shame not at least an E+ single discipline girl
All Breeds
12:13:07 Fawn
How have you been? <3
12:12:51 Fish | Grey | Queen
Congrats Mia!
Cassiopeia Court
12:12:44 Bluie/Mia
-HEE Click-

Sagamore Farms
12:12:40 Saga

making an appearance xD
All Breeds
12:12:27 Fawn
Is that a Saga that I see? :D
Sagamore Farms
12:11:36 Saga
Well, I got a bunch of geldings to add to my gelding army and 100 horses closer to my geld quest xD Thats about it though lol
Iron Banner Arabians
12:09:47 Riven
she pretty pretty
-HEE Click-
Empire Eventers
12:08:58 Emp or Empy
-HEE Click-

Not able to rate her (I'm down to a basic account and already used my one Breed Approval for the day) but I just captured this pretty girl
Sorry not gal do. Big fat thumbs of mime.
Hideaway HorseCenter
12:08:25 Ember <3
I wish I had the ebs to do capture party, it's so much fun
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