Dandy Acres
I could barely see it till i zoomed in! What a beaut!
Lucky Ranch
09:40:29 nice balls taro!!
we should totally do dressage together sometime, valegro and I would love to practice our piaffe with you
Eyrie of the Stars
09:40:21 Eyrie
Yeah that's the dappled sooty under the roan
Savs Raccoon Empire
09:37:26 bunbun
Thanks lol! He's such a good boy lol.
Dandy Acres
-HEE Click-
Does this young one have sooty? Or some type of markings? Its hard to tell a little bit
Lucky Ranch
09:34:00 nice balls taro!!
i cant believe you own spirit sometimes
Lucky Ranch
09:33:07 nice balls taro!!
omg he is so gorgeous 🥰
Savs Raccoon Empire
09:27:57 bunbun
Rode bareback today. Had a great time, my pony worked really hard to not kill me lol -Click-
08:58:44 Cheeto
Double C Stables
08:55:39 DC/Kate =3
gonna try and go get some sleep but ill be back on tomorrow cheeto
Morning Glory Farms
08:49:08 Terici/Dino/Trish
You can ask pricing questions in sales chat.
Aspen Heights
Can I ask a pricing question?
Zepha Stables
08:46:50 DC incognito..also
i truly appreciate it i just am dreading the next couple of days...starting with tonight. its so ridiculous.
08:46:03 Cheeto
Yes. If I had any extra I would send it to you, but this time of year we are paycheck to paycheck. Already getting Christmas presents
Zepha Stables
08:45:52 DC incognito..also
Double C Stables
08:44:16 DC/Kate =3
i wish i just want to leave already but i cant with no car of my own and not enough moolah
08:42:52 Cheeto
Nothing a good Ole throat punch won't solve
Diamonds bluff
08:42:36 Silvia,DB Studs
wish she had some color but still pretty

-HEE Click-
Double C Stables
08:40:57 DC/Kate =3
hes stunning! and yea i literally just got on
08:39:31 Cheeto
Oop hey DC, didn't realize you were chatting at me 😅
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