Hollow Tree Acres
03:31:58 Crazy Goat Lady
I only have a shower and not old enough to drink wine yet and only have college textbooks so my life hella boring right now 😂😂😂
Outlaw Horse Farm
03:30:54 Windi
Pretty girl, Lila!
Timber Canyon
03:30:20 Timbie
I understanding anger my dude. I've always found a brisk walk, bubble bath, glass of wine and a good book takes the nerves off. In that order too lol.
Timber Canyon
03:29:45 Timbie
Demand they figure out the actual issue or ask for your money back. Tell them you didnt fix the issue and youre not paying them to jerk you around
Hollow Tree Acres
03:29:43 Crazy Goat Lady
I have definitely been struggling with my anger today. I don't know if my anger actually cause the period or if my period is causing the anger. I just know I've never been as angry as I am right now. UGH
Whoops, forgot link.
-HEE Click-
Cassa Belle Eventing
03:29:14 Cassa | 9
Yes unfortuniyly mechanics like to charge their female customers more simply because they are female.
This girl helped me with a quest, and i was so confused on how until I looked at her color.
Seaside Grapes
03:28:58 Lila
Windi, I've got a girl like that! -HEE Click-
Hollow Tree Acres
03:28:32 Crazy Goat Lady
The thing is the mechanic is my uncle and cousin, yet it seems like they're just tryna pull money off family because I KNOW other customers don't have this issue with them
Sunstone Elite
03:28:21 Sun/Sunny
Our family has seen the same mechanic for over 20 years and we're very thankful he's an awesome guy, but I totally get that Hollow...and as awful as it is Timbie is right, it does happen and it sucks :/ I'm sorry life's been treating you badly <3
hollyhock joy
i sorta do but then again i never have had a car yet XD
Hollow Tree Acres
03:27:41 Crazy Goat Lady
And then asking my dad to do small things for me like to help me on certain things and he's like "I don't have time" but when my brother or neighbor needs him for anything he's off like I've been asking him for a week to move add a link to the new milk stand so I assumed it was fixed and after dragging a goat onto it realized there STILL isn't anything there
Timber Canyon
03:27:14 Timbie
Go to a new mechanic girl. If possible have a car savvy friend check it out
Timber Canyon
03:26:49 Timbie
I swear mechanics give girls the run around because they are familiar with the generalization that we dont know about car repairs.
Outlaw Horse Farm
03:26:32 Windi
-HEE Click-

He's a new 1/1 coat rarity. He also helped me complete a quest. o.O
Hollow Tree Acres
03:25:51 Crazy Goat Lady
It's just one of those days when I've been screaming about everything that happened like the freaking mechanic that's charged me $350 on parts that did nothing to fix my car and now is saying it's something else after they just gave it back to me an hour ago saying it's all fine and dandy and runs so well when it literally sounds like it's about to blow up
hollyhock joy
i havnt had one four 4 months and im happy xD
Hollow Tree Acres
03:24:12 Crazy Goat Lady
I've literally got so pissed today that after a whole year without a period I managed to spring one on today 😐
Sunstone Elite
03:23:57 Sun/Sunny
Me either Hollow xD
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