Spirtasi Whims
09:18:13 Tasi / RIP Chat
Oh my god I just spent an hour trying to get back on, what happened?
Willow Brook Stables
It helps you recognize the horse's dominant skills so you can match it better or decide which gelding to keep and which ones to sell/FR
Most people track from the 4th week of training becuse unless you have a reeally strong horse it is unlikely to go up in week 3. So Week 4, Week 5, Week 6 etc.
Penkat Stables
08:03:06 Pen | 🍞
tracking training shows what stats your horses are weak in, and then you can use those to match for better foals.
08:02:44 Kuro
Every monday a you train your horses. That is one week. People usually start with week 4 (So it'd be 1 month since the foal started to train)
Wintergreen Gardens
08:02:37 Winter
Thank you! :D Im pretty much done with it! Im gonna post it soon ( for a contest) <3
Penkat Stables
08:02:30 Pen | 🍞
gah my premium poofed on me while I was on vacation
Shadow Eclipse
08:01:52 Hurley/Eclipse/Shado
I don’t know, I just hear a lot about people tracking there weeks? And I have no clue what it means or if I should do it
Wintergreen Gardens
08:01:41 Winter
08:01:13 WTM/Turkey/Gibbsgirl
Winter.. your pallet is fantastic!
08:01:07 Kuro
What do you mean? Like every monday train, feed, and check how much they go up?
Cain Manor
08:00:46 Ribbit 🐸
I'm doing pretty good aswell. I get to go annoy my "Brudda" tomorrow
08:00:41 WTM/Turkey/Gibbsgirl
Thank Misha
Shadow Eclipse
08:00:39 Hurley/Eclipse/Shado
Kuro, okay then what about the whole week thingy
Wintergreen Gardens
07:59:56 Winter
@ Cain
Im doing pretty good! Trying to figure out this alien horse piece im working on.. its a struggle XD
How are you doing?
07:59:48 Kuro
Like this: Go by how many bars they have in their training spot,and mark it. Take this girl for example:
-HEE Click-
Amhain Dull Liath
07:59:30 #1 dumbass
Pff you good 👌
River Bend Stables
07:58:55 River
-HEE Click- He's beautiful
07:58:50 Kuro
New set and stable colors! Found an awesome font lol
Cain Manor
07:58:26 Ribbit 🐸
Winter <3
How are you?
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