WhizBar Eventing
06:04:51 Toto
Where can we find the foal's height when it's grown? Is it under Lens of Time?
Nordic Acres
06:04:20 Keo
Hope everything will be ok though jess
Mondor Ridge
06:04:19 Jess~Mon
Yeah sometimes they do that
06:04:14 Legion
Yes, well, that's fine if it's just you...Not when you're being paid to get from point A to point B quickly.
Nordic Acres
06:03:06 Keo
Idk the signs but according to Cheeto she was showing the signs so I hurried over 😂😂 idk what signs she was showing.. and we definitely felt movement but it was just a weeee bit to early lolol
Procyon Ponies
06:02:59 InkSpren
Sometimes I prefer to take roads I'm familiar with instead of roads that are more direct.
Emmas Eventers
Pretty Wraithcry
Wraithcry Farm
06:01:53 Crazy Cat Lady
I have done endurance in the past. I am considering doing it again but for now I just ride for fun :)
I sold all my English stuff so part of that is me trying to repurchase everything ;’)
Mondor Ridge
06:01:49 Jess~Mon
Our stud got out and bred one of our mares this year <.>
Mondor Ridge
06:01:23 Jess~Mon
Omg thats awful Keo XD
Nordic Acres
06:00:49 Keo
I remember being at Cheetos house last summer waiting for her mini mare to foal... stayed out in the barn ALLL night long... turns out she wouldn't foal until 5 months later.. brat never conceived with her first stud but conceived immediately with her second stud 5 months later unknowingly lmao. Bratty lil minis
Silver Acres
Shes a cutie, what discipline do you do?
Wraithcry Farm
05:59:59 Crazy Cat Lady
This is the daughter I am thinking about. Her name is Sophia.
05:59:45 Legion
There's easily a half dozen different streets that could have been taken that didn't require hopping on the highway and going that far south.
Silver Acres
-HEE Click-
Ok imma just leave this here because I burst with pride everytime I see it. I was not expecting this and he has such a good color rating ee I love him I cant wait
SilverWish Stables
05:59:26 Wish
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
-HEE Click-
Any name suggestions?
Mondor Ridge
05:58:52 Jess~Mon
I want food.
Jellos Warmbloods
05:58:36 Giggles Wubs
Maybe there was traffic or accidents or something.
05:58:35 Legion
And I'm just sitting here going "wut"
05:57:53 Legion
He was by the resturant, headed east, hopped on the highway, went south, jumped on another highway, went west, got off the highway, and now he's on some diagonal road going NE

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