All Breeds
03:31:54 Fawn
Yes yes there is. Just shows how much KMNs aren't bred
Sunstone Elite
03:30:18 Sun/Sunny
Is there actually Fawn? LOL
Divergent Racehorses
03:30:06 Lexi
oh ally im so sorry they are both so pretty
All Breeds
03:29:43 Fawn
Sunshine, if you want to have some fun with the freshman board look at the KNN board. There's an SSubSub on it xD
03:29:38 Asia
Ok, so this is an ugly horse
-HEE Click-
MakeEm Fancy
03:29:25 Ally 🌺
Yes they are! :) the black and white pinto is 26 1/2 inches and the dapple grey was around 32 inches she sadly passed away a couple of years
Trost District
That little guy is super cute. Mine is palomino tobiano. I don't have any pictures of him unfortunately. Mine is hateful with other male horses. He's good with mares and with his yearling son, but he broke through a fence a few months ago to attack my 2 yearling quarter horse colts. My yearlings spent that last couple months out with the cows. We would send him back to his old owner, but she took down half of her pens and he would have to be in with a gelding, and we know that wouldn't go well.
Divergent Racehorses
03:28:10 Lexi
Ally the photo are those your mini's also you said one of them is something like 21 inches is he/she in that photo?
Beyond The Horizon
03:26:53 Beyond Or Nat
Yeah you win Trost 😳
Sunshine Jumpers
03:26:01 Jared
Oh, okay Fawn. I was gonna say, he's not good enough to hit any of the boards lol
MakeEm Fancy
03:25:58 Ally 🌺
Ours likes to boss around the gelding we have lol

Trost District
I think this is even more frustrating.
-HEE Click-
All Breeds
03:25:01 Fawn
It's the freshman board. If you have an EEE freshman he'll hit his breed board most likely but not much after that
Beyond The Horizon
03:23:59 Beyond Or Nat
Anybody ever get frustrated matching these mares?

-HEE Click-
Divergent Racehorses
03:22:48 Lexi
Crandora your smallest horse is 12.2 hands tall
Ironhoof Estates
03:21:17 Jared
-HEE Click-
How did this shithead land #50 on the ISH freshie LB
Moonrose Mountains
03:20:55 Diva
It's gone kaboom with uproaching RO
Ironhoof Estates
03:20:40 Jared
I've a question
Trost District
Yours probably looks a lot better than mine. When we bought him, his old owner didn't tell us that he was problematic. Instead of eating, he wants to run the fence line trying to attack my 16h quarter horse stallion. My big guy is several fences away, doesn't look at him, and barely looks at the mini mares when we pen some next to him, but the little jerk thinks he's a threat.
Lucky Ranch
03:20:10 Lucky♡Huskies
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