The Nine
04:27:32 Pine, Passa
but hey, whatever floats your goat
Footloose & Fancy
04:27:25 Dulcie
I call them "clothes pins"
The Nine
04:26:52 Pine, Passa
Unless you, ya know eat e coli
Stormsong Manor
04:26:51 Darth Ven
Apex Equestrian
04:26:37 AE ~ Apex
Personally, yuck. My stomach doesnÂ’t do well with raw.
The Nine
04:26:29 Pine, Passa
Are you secretly a Vampire Ven? O.o
Jellos Warmbloods
04:26:07 Giggles Wubs
Raw red muscle meats (unground) are much healthier for you than cooked.

I usually only sear the edges on my steaks.
Crossroads RID
04:25:56 Cross
perfect xD
Apex Equestrian
04:25:39 AE ~ Apex
Did you say raw, Ven?
Stormsong Manor
04:25:38 Darth Ven
I eat beef and salmon raw unless I'm cooking for other people
kiwi Mountains
04:25:36 aurora|lives in chat
-Click- I'm not sure what you guy might call it.but In NewZealand. These are called pegs lol
Jellos Warmbloods
04:25:20 Giggles Wubs
Yes! Ill write down my head recipe and send it to you LOL
Stormsong Manor
04:25:18 Darth Ven
Yes, I love raw beef
Footloose & Fancy
04:25:10 Dulcie
I made corn flour g-free pancakes
The Nine
04:25:04 Pine, Passa
Ven you are eating raw steak??
Crossroads RID
04:24:26 Cross
because that sounds delicious and i love to cook
Crossroads RID
04:24:04 Cross
OH can you send me a recipe?
Jellos Warmbloods
04:23:23 Giggles Wubs
You have NO idea how happy you made me asking about pepperoni bread LOL
Stormsong Manor
04:23:05 Darth Ven
I'm sitting here cutting pieces off a raw steak and eating it. That's my dinner.
Footloose & Fancy
04:22:42 Dulcie
What's a clothing peg, precious?
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chat has inspired me to make this post because everyone loves em crazy pet photos. I will start off with
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I will put my crazy gelding in here tomorrow lmao I'm too tired right now
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This is Henry, or more commonly Henryboiii. He's a little mental.
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Crazy animal photos December 1, 2020 03:05 PM

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(C) Me
Aunts boy Dusty is a little loopy
Him and the damn camera lol here's my chunky boy Salem
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