Crystal Lodge
Thank you!
Arctic Dusk
07:23:01 AL - mighty RIDs
Go to Help - Help me
Hy Brasil
07:22:50 Croft
-HEE Click-
Crystal Lodge
Does anyone know how to contact Eve the admin on here? I can’t find her
Snow Stable
07:12:03 Snow Gem

I think I got that one done. But I'm still on 'PPP silver tobiano' and 'PPP pearl'...
Mallery Show Stables
07:05:44 Kathy
Yeah, Bracken, and that's one of the pain in the butt quests (PPP Sabino, Rabicano, Splash is the worst, I think) . There's another that doesn't require a rating.
Tamarack Mountain
06:58:58 Opal
as long as you have been playing the game sunflower you should be aware of the posting horses for sale and breeding rule in main chat....
Over the Garden Wall
06:57:51 Bracken
I currently have the "Breed a PP Apricot" quest
Mallery Show Stables
06:56:54 Kathy
The quests keep recycling -- it drives me nuts when I get the same one right after I completed it. Right now I have three huge -- 200, 300, and 400. They won't be finished for a while.
06:56:07 Sunflower
-HEE Click-
Sorry for all the posts
but this boy is so gorgeous
his sooty and the markings OMG
06:54:43 Sunflower
I have done an apricot quest
but he is pretty so I might keep him
im not sure
Mallery Show Stables
06:53:06 Kathy
Sunflower, keep him for the Apricot quest. It doesn't call for ratings.
06:49:20 Sunflower
I have one like that too -HEE Click-
Versailles Stables
-HEE Click-
I have the opposite
06:47:26 Sunflower
-HEE Click-
OMG look at his tail
05:40:08 Moon/Misty/Foggy
Welcome back sem. 😂
Siren Sound Estates
05:36:24 ⫷⫸Sem
Back from a Session of mantrailing with the dog. Good thing my hobby can have a hobby XD
It's winter already! So excited for the foals of 147!!
04:42:51 Moon/Misty/Foggy
I had a cracker in my hand-
Aurorae Warmbloods
04:34:50 Hawk eye <♡
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