Snow Stable
07:51:04 Snow Gem

I made my own art for my avatar, take a look. :) (Someone offered to make me a banner, that's not mine.)
Weeping Willow Ranch
07:50:19 Stalker of Chat
You said its art from another game right? Even if its just referencing said game its not allowed. That is still art theft
Over the Garden Wall
07:50:18 Bracken
Anyone can claim its their name, always use your stable number since that won't change and can't be disputed
Snow Stable
07:49:58 Snow Gem

Mods can't verify your real name. Your official ID on here is your stable number. :) That's why art needs that one it if its yours, and nothing else.
SteelCreek Academy
And it’s my art, NEVER been sold before :)
SteelCreek Academy
It has my name on it
Snow Stable
07:47:24 Snow Gem
I just love white horses. The pink is so delicate... -HEE Click-
Snow Stable
07:44:57 Snow Gem

Does the art have your stable number on it? (nothing else)
Cherry River Elites
07:44:30 Riv
If your art is from/posted on other sites, it isn't allowed on HEE. I am not a moderator, therefore I am unable to answer your questions completely accurately, so if you have any more questions please PM a mod instead of clogging up chat.
Snow Stable
07:44:00 Snow Gem
I think its kinda like making traditional art on paper/canvas. If you sell the original, you shouldn't sell copies of it. Like that. :)
SteelCreek Academy
So this is the first time I’m selling it
SteelCreek Academy
I just made a small story out of it
SteelCreek Academy
I never sold it
Cherry River Elites
07:42:00 Riv
Yes but if it's from other sites (excluding a gallery), you have already sold it somewhere, or it is posted on other sites (again excluding galleries), it isn't allowed. I'm not completely sure why, but I think it has something to do with selling the art twice and/or not being able to prove it's yours. If you have questions I would advise you to ask a mod.
SteelCreek Academy
And not to be rude, I’m extremely pissed that I’m accused of theft and being another theif account.
SteelCreek Academy
So i don’t see an issue since it’s my art
SteelCreek Academy
And it’s hand drawn and posted on insta
SteelCreek Academy
Well I made it
Cherry River Elites
07:39:15 Riv
No, you can't. Art from other sites isn't allowed to be sold on HEE.
SteelCreek Academy
Okay apparently I was an art theif, can someone explain? I play sso and my user is Regina shadowside, can I not use my sso art here?
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