Dancing dire stable
07:33:40 Mosa's sa
Very true, tons of research will get done before I get one ^.^
Stormsong Manor
07:32:09 Ven
I have owned dutch, holland lops, mini lops, and an english spot mix
Gold Ridge Eventing
07:31:06 K/Mini Boyd Martin
And breeder
Emmas Eventers
Cool Riptide. I grew up with rabbits but been a while. I really want a Tricolour Dutch someday
07:30:47 Lost
Precisely, need a good breeder.
Gold Ridge Eventing
07:30:29 K/Mini Boyd Martin
Yeah, but you have to be careful of the specific morph
07:28:47 Lost
I just love vibrant reptiles. They're all cool but the reds/oranges just pop.
Dancing dire stable
07:28:16 Mosa's sa
A few being 5-8 years lol
Riptide Roans
07:27:55 *Pokes Eyeballs*
So, I'm starting with rabbits again, I used to breed and show Flemish Giants but tomorrow I'm goign to pick up 2 mini rex bucks and 4 mini rex does so I'm excited
Timber Canyon
07:26:21 is actually Timber
I'm having homemade chicken fajitas
Dancing dire stable
07:26:13 Mosa's sa
They're so cute though *.* I might get one in a few years
Whipperwill Estate
07:26:04 Whip/Artist
Thank you, lost.
Stormsong Manor
07:25:54 Ven
Watch the caps and emoji use.
Spirtasi Acres
07:25:45 Wings/Spring Day
Tips on how to make a sword look realistic?
07:25:13 Lost
Except wasps.
07:25:09 Lost
They're cute too Emma! And cute horse, Whip. :) So many cute animals!
Stormsong Manor
07:25:08 Ven
Mmm, fish for dinner
Emmas Eventers
I still think of Bearded Collie first when I see Beardie
Cherry Blossom Farm
Ugh good night it has been a long day for a 18 year old pregnant woman! 😊
Whipperwill Estate
07:23:55 Whip/Artist
I still can’t get over the look on Teos face here. He’s so mad at me.
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