Rohan Ridge
06:15:01 Jess~
on my Sa :)
Rohan Ridge
06:14:44 Jess~
That would have been for finding an artist to do a trade with, you can just talk to your partner in pms..
Moonglade Manor
06:12:46 Raven #2
Oh jess is gone, anyone else?
Moonglade Manor
06:12:19 Raven #2
Jess, is this ok?

-HEE Click-
Moonglade Manor
06:08:23 Raven #2
Cassa Belle
06:07:41 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Art Requests
Moonglade Manor
06:06:13 Raven #2
What do I post it in?
Tobiano Stables
06:05:57 Tobi | Tobiano Lady
I could rant all day about that :/
Moonglade Manor
06:05:44 Raven #2
Cassa* stupid auto correct
Moonglade Manor
06:05:27 Raven #2
Moonglade Manor
06:05:17 Raven #2
Thanks Cass!
Cassa Belle
06:04:58 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Makes sense :)

Yes Raven, you can
Mist Mountain Paints
I like supernatural stuff to a certain point
Moonglade Manor
06:03:03 Raven #2
Is it ok if I make a forum for an art trade I'm doing with someone or are we not aloud?
Cassa Belle
06:02:41 Jess/Cassa/Belle
Sirens and Mermaids are different though... XD
Tobiano Stables
06:01:56 Tobi | Tobiano Lady
Nice set Daisy :)
Tobiano Stables
06:01:00 Tobi | Tobiano Lady
That's how I feel about Sirens and Mermaids xD
Cassa Belle
06:00:54 Jess/Cassa/Belle
:D I like supernatural stuff
Circle Star RIDs
06:00:48 Granny C
they both turn into wolves.
Hollywood has separated them however by certain details. lol
Mist Mountain Paints

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